Trials and Tribulations of Yarn

Good morning on what has started out to be a smooth Thursday. The husband is happier as his side suture is showing healing progress at last after a month of having to get rejected, dissolvable sutures taken out twice; after all that learning he had a staph infection that needed to be treated with antibiotics; and then having to get a different antibiotic medicine with the first messin’ with his stomach. The girls were productive this morning from breakfast to packing their lunch snacks. And I didn’t have to wait long for the copier, getting out 248 copies for the whole third grade, and returning finished library books. So yay for the tiny positives of daily life.

Other than that, there have been some trials and tribulations of yarn in my knitting corner:

Meet Sweet Georgia’s Tough Love Sock (merino + nylon) in Saltwater Blue:


I had started using this yarn for my dad’s Christmas socks. However, right from the start I’ve had trouble with it:

  • Winding it up I found short loops that the main yarn line tangled through so I had to hand-wind  the first quarter of the skein and then I was able to feed it to the ball winder to rewind it.
  • I was happily knitting away the first sock when I realized it looked small and this was right after the gusset was started.
  • While frogging this yarn decided to throw a toddler tantrum, dealing out tangles left and right. I had to cut the yarn twice and tried rewinding the yarn a couple of times, each not coming out to a solid yarn cake as there are dangling pieces on the bottom that you cannot see here.
  • So my mum gave me the advice to get new yarn in black as my dad will probably make more use of the socks. I still have to get some.

So I decided to move on and start the first of my brother’s socks:


Cascade Heritage Solids & Quatro in Cerulean

As you can see above, once I hit the leg the sock was lookin’ mighty big. My brother’s got calves but not that big. Dammit. I thought I had gauge, man. But I was wrong. This gauge is 7 stitches per inch with a 72 stitch cast on. So you know what came next. *faint replay of “release the frogs!” sounds*

Honestly, I’ve been in a funk for days, not motivated to knit. I thought about changing it up by casting on for my niece or nephew, but after some research yesterday, I don’t have the yarn for either project. So now, I don’t know if I’ll start my brother’s sock again with either 1’s or 0’s or if I’ll start a patterned sock for another female family member as the first, red sock was a success.

*drums fingers on wooden table* What to do, what to do?


20 thoughts on “Trials and Tribulations of Yarn

  1. Ugh! I know THIS feeling! It drives me bonkers! I say keep trying. Try another project you’ve intended to do, until you feel ready to tackle family man socks again. I actually have just cast on a 3rd pair of socks doing the same thing. I’m hoping this is the charm for us and I won’t have to frog this as well. And I LOATHE wasting knitting time on the tangles, but a knitter’s got to do what a knitter’s got to do.

    “*faint replay of “release the frogs!” sounds*” made me snort outloud, ha!


  2. Stephanie, it could be two weeks before Christmas! Sometimes our knitting mojo just flies out the window. It’ll be back again soon and those needles will be flying! Good news that your hubby is on the mend. You rocked it with the photocopier. They are evil things and know how close you are to the bell!


  3. Yay for life’s small triumphs! Sounds like you’ve had a bit of a time of it with your husband’s health! And those naughty, naughty, socks! I find that 1’s always give me a good result with socks. Hopefully take 2 will be better. There is nothing worse that wasted knitting time!


  4. ::sigh::

    I have partial balls left and right and I think I need some small projects. I have a project bag filled with partial worsted weight balls and I’m feeling a new hat design coming on. But I also made good progress on Little Man’s Creeper this afternoon and I finished socks last night and……woo.


  5. Your poor husband, can’t have been much fun for him to say the least.

    Urgh why does knitting do that. Some days nothing seems to go right. I think you should stick all those projects in a time out until they start behaving themselves properly!


  6. Hugs to you! Sorry the yarn gave you fits. I’d dump it or see if I could send it back!!!!!
    You need some wonderful sock yarn to win your heart again!!


    • LOL, send it back. I bought that skein a couple of years ago from either VOGUE Knitting, Live! L.A. or my first visit to STITCHES West. It was in a bin and never touched; a shame them tangles.


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