Post II: What’s cookin’ good looking?

*sipping Irish Breakfast Tea from a box of Twinings Black Tea sampler* Annyeong haseyo. Instead of the ol’ boring “How’re you today?,” why don’t I ask what made you smile/laugh today? What made me smile is reading all the sweet concern about my banged up finger; kamsa hamnida!

Three months to this day I posted the first What’s cookin’ good looking? I thought of the catchy title because the post was obviously going to be about food and as food is appreciated in this ga-jok, my husband would usually ask this. So recently I thought that this would be the name of my food posts, food that I’ve personally cooked myself from recipes.

Have you eaten already? If not, I highly suggest you grab something to eat while reading this.


I. Vegetable Soup

Remember when my husband was first home from foot surgery and there was all this stress? Well vegetables and soup became our foods of choice.

I found Cooking Classy’s Vegetable Soup recipe on my Mum Mum – Mmm, mmm good, soup board and scanned the frig to see what we had in stock. I used what we had and threw this soup together along with some garlic bread, the recipe being on the garlic powder container. Thumbs up!  Ddal/daughters approved.

II. Apple Cake

While perusing Pinterest one day this recipe was in my feed:

Are you drooling? You should. You know why? Pinch of Yum’s Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake is hella good! I had a few Red Delicious apples left and wanted to use them. This recipe seemed easy and I felt it would fix our apple pie cravings. The cake came out so soft and so moist. I love the crunchy topping as your palette gets a mix of crunch, sweet, and soft flavor. While finishing up the pan, we even had our cake a la mode or Big Pop (my dad) style. Four thumbs up!


III. Lentil Soup

I have a good-sized, Costco bag of mixed lentils I wanted to make more use of so I tried out COOKIE + Kate’s Spiced Lentil Vegan Soup. Ours wasn’t vegan because I used chicken broth, wanting to use what we have. Despite that substitution, this soup had a bit of kick and it was tasty terrific. Again, ddal approved.

IV. Winter Vegetable Soup


Last Monday I drove up to the city to hang out with my knitting group, say hello at the ddals’ former school, and then visit my mum a bit. My mum loves to read magazines. And she is always tearing out or copying recipes that catch her eye. I knew that my mum makes soup sometimes for my dad and her so I had asked her about them the weekend before. I got copies and after last Tuesday’s Costco run, I made this Winter Vegetable Soup: Master Recipe.

I love how this recipe gives you choices which can change up your winter vegetable soup whenever you make it. It also tailors to you and your ga-jok’s taste preferences. I used these organic ingredients: Onions, celery, carrots, russet potatoes, broccoli, chicken broth, and spinach. A bell pepper, diced tomatoes, + dried oregano and thyme was used as well.

V. Magic Custard Cake

As you know from Costco, you buy in bulk. Since we had a lot of organic milk I wanted to try last weekend sweet, milk recipes.

Here is my Magic Custard Cake, its Recipe Tin Eats blog post I should have read through first to glean her tips:

It looks good in the first picture above and it does taste good. However, due to what I’m thinking is human error, mine came out flat. I should have maybe used the whisk to whip up the batter. I should have also used my 8×8 Pyrex dish instead of my 9×13 baking pan. In addition, I shouldn’t have opened the oven door before 30-40 minutes. Furthermore, I should have taken out the cake around 40 minutes instead of after an hour.

In the second photo you can see the three layers. I think it’s pretty neat how this one recipe makes three layers. Husband and tween approved. The little one doesn’t like custard. More for us I say. I will make this cake again to try to nail it.

VI. Buttermilk Fried Chicken

E is always craving fried chicken. When I found three packages of wings and drummettes in the freezer, I thought to make some. One thing I must remember though is to start prep earlier. I started around five and was frying past seven!


When I fry, I usually use bread crumbs. Jo Cooks Buttermilk Fried Chicken was a different way to do it. My husband loved it. He commented last night how it was light and crispy. He certainly said it. I was surprised at how light the crispy batter was. I think next time however, I need to season the chicken, flour, and buttermilk mix better. The ga-jok is happy we have some for tonight!

VII. Hot Milk Cake

Culinary Hill’s Hot Milk Cake was the other milk recipe I wanted to try last weekend. It reminds us of pound cake. I like how this cake came out compared to my attempt at Martha Stewart’s pound cake.

I have to admit I did have one mistake: I think I didn’t spray the bottom of my bundt pan well because when I tried to turn it over to have the cake cool on a wire rack, the cake wouldn’t come out (second pic) – *slaps forehead* doh! So last night pieces were cut out. Each came out okay as you can see in the first photo. Still, ga-jok approved!

Well, seven, new recipes tried the past month. Let me know if you try any of these. I’d love to hear how they came out for you and how you and your ga-jok like them.

What’s your favorite soup recipe? Simple cake recipe? Kamsa hamnida in advance for sharing.

Annyeong kaseyo!


18 thoughts on “Post II: What’s cookin’ good looking?

  1. So odd. Reading your post I realized I had a dream about friend chicken!! Is that weird or what? What’s making me smile? My daughter is settling down and in in her new apt . It is so hard when they are upset, unsure and lonely. She’s getting better!!! and I get to go visit in April!
    Also making me smile: THE Chicago weather is goofy great! The sun is out and its almost 60 . This is a big big big deal here!


  2. Now I want cake! I love the look of The Magic Custard Cake despite the issues. I’ll definitely try the recipe with your notes. I love Cooking Classy and the vegetable soup looks really good. I’m not cooking right now as I managed to hurt my back so we are getting take out but I’ll be trying some of these when I’m back on my feet.


  3. All the recipes sound delicious. I want a big bowl of vegetable soup and apple cake for desert. My mom used to make a great Apple Dapple Cake. I wonder what I did with that recipe?


  4. Soup! My favorite food group! They all sound delicious – so do the apple cake and custard cake recipes. Yum!!!

    I am making chickpea and dumpling soup tomorrow – it is supposed to be rainy and it is definitely a rainy day meal around here.

    We tried to make Wyatt’s birthday cake ~ I think it was a bit ambitious for us lol. We ended up buying one the morning of the party. Lol. But that was ok. 🙂


  5. Dang, someone is a soup queen! That vegetable soup looks super healthy as well as tasty! Impressive. You know me girl, I’m lost in the world of cookies. Obsessive cookie baking. As for cooking, that pain in the arse meal time obligation … nothing new, the old standards. My husband gets home earlier than me during most work weeks so he’s been at the helm, though with Spring soccer, I think that’s about to change I think I’m going to have to dig in the freezer … there goes the evening work out routine … just for a little while.


  6. Mm fried chicken! All the recipes sound good. I like knowing where I went wrong in some of my cooking endeavors. Once it was too much baking powder . Eck!! I use cake from a box lol. I really don’t have any fave recipes. Hmm should start looking.


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