It’s Monday! What are you reading?

*with a smile and Adele’s 25 in the background* Aloha. It’s the start of another week with fickle rain that likes to toy with us. Here in the Bay Area you’re under grey skies with a blanket of humidity and either light sprinkles are dotting up your town when it feels like it or straight out sheets of wet soak anywhere it can get into.

Before I get into today’s book meme, I just want to say mahalo nui loa for all of the love and support on last Thursday’s first time ever podcast. It was a learning experience recording that. There were over 30 outtakes over three sessions until the perfectionist in me felt it was right to publish. I need to fine tune a few things but had fun for sure.

Well, it’s been two weeks since I last linked up with Kathryn.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading

I’ve been a honu swimmin’ the ocean when it comes to reading. Audiobooks usually go hand in hand with knitting. I don’t know if you noticed my bandaged finger in the podcast but you know when you think you got something but you really don’t? I was trying to move the filled up compost bin down to the street. I was able to slant it and slowly roll it down but the sloped driveway enabled it to pick up speed. By the time we reached the bottom the compost bin basically got heavier and heavier, falling backwards and smashing my fingers with its handle onto the pavement. Even though I was wearing gardening gloves, a big chunk of skin was taken off where I could almost see something bluish-grey. So my right, middle finger’s been growing back skin for almost two weeks now and mobility to knit is slowly inching back. Therefore, I am still sloggin’ through David Copperfield. Eight Youtube videos finished, the ninth almost completed, and 11 videos to go.

The last two weeks of reading was all about finishing up these three eBooks:


Finished FirstUncommon Criminals by Ally Carter is the second installment of the Heist Society series. You know I’m a former teacher who enjoys the young adult genre among others. Having two, rambunctious, beautiful, smart daughters of my own I am attracted to a strong female storyline. While I enjoyed the first book – full of adventure, scheming, and the rules of a thief – very much, this second one was okay – three stars. This book was more about a transition for Katarina Bishop, helping her decide upon who she really is, while dealing with an old, family nemesis. Despite my disappointment, I will read the third installment.


Finished Second: I was totally in the mood to read the fifth book in The 39 Clues series because I help out the school librarian on Wednesdays and always see this set of books often. The Black Circle by Patrick Carman was good. The sister-brother orphan duo of Amy and Dan are still underdogs as they travel to Russia for more clues. The elements of adventure and getting out of scrapes of danger were sprinkled throughout the story along with bits of history. There is somewhat of a cliffhanger as this installment I felt stops abruptly which is why I gave it three stars – my reaction, Uh okay… Despite this I am determined to finish the series with half now read.


Finished Last: Yesterday I decided to treat myself by finishing up this last Harry Potter book in-between loads of laundry, cooking meals for the ohana, and baking. Reading multiple books at once can be choppy especially since I usually only read an hour before bed.

It was relaxing to just have this eBook on my Kindle to finish reading and to wholly immerse myself in one world. I got to refresh my memory bank of the little details of Harry’s quest for the Horcruxes. This quote from 76% or Page 568 sums it up, “‘Because,’ said Harry before Hermione could answer, ‘sometimes you’ve got to think about more than your own safety! Sometimes you’ve got to think about the greater good! This is war!'” Four stars as this book was my favorite from the past two weeks.

How do you find time to read? What was your favorite book from the reading week? Did you add a new author’s works to your TBR?

Happy reading to you this first, full week of March. Aloha.


20 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. Ouch! I hope your finger feels better soon! Congratulations on your first podcast. I’m off to watch after I finish this comment. I’m reading Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. I watched the series on Netflix and saw it was based on a book, so I had to get it! Like most books, I like it more than the tv series. It’s got a great female main character. I’ve also just finished listening to 1984 by George Orwell and started listening to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin as I sew.


  2. Your finger injury made me gasp! Ouch! i am glad to hear it is on the mend. I am starting the book, Knitlandia tonight. My yarn store is going to do a little book club with this book. My other book is The Truth According to Us–even though it is taking me so long to get moving with this one, I do like it and can’t wait to get into the real mystery of it.
    That last Harry Potter book was my favorite–and I cried through the last 40 pages!


  3. Ok…nice to catch up…I just read anywhere…even if I am watching something…I am always able to read.

    Take care! I guess composting can be risky!


    • It was really my own, stupid fault, Patty. I should have asked the neighbor for help but didn’t want to bother him as he was already working on the front of his house with a ladder.


  4. Yikes! Your poor fingers I hurt just hearing about the accident. Here’s hoping you can work with your fingers again very soon. Loved your book reviews. I should open a new book, but I’d rather knit…..right now. There is a new knit book out there that I should read. Ive read all of the Yarn Harlots books this year. She is so funny.


  5. I’ve been listening to HP: GoF on my laptop while I knit at night. Unfortunately, I’ve hit my end…I need to finish ripping the CDs into iTunes. So, I’m right in the middle of the first task. ::sigh::


  6. Look at you! I just started listening to the book, The Rook and in a moment of downtime, turned on my kindle to find yes, Prisoner of Azkaban and got sucked in for an hour. The reading suffers, but it’s such a nice warm hug every time I return to HP 🙂


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