Well I finally took that step.

Aloha everyone. After much thought and gathering of 411, I finally recorded my first podcast. I didn’t know it would be such a process. I guess the perfectionist in me didn’t help also as there were many outtakes before I was satisfied with one to publish. However, I’m proud of this first attempt:

I hope you enjoyed the podcast. Mahalo for coming by and hanging out with me. Aloha!


Lavalier Lapel Microphone

Everywhere Focus Cell Phone Holder

Personal La Hanau/Birthday Purchases


Freia Fine Handpaints

Freia Sock

75% Wool + 25% Nylon

Color: Vertigo

50 g or 215 yards


Zealana Cozi

Sock Weight

58% Merino, 22% Nylon, 15% Brushtail Possum Down, & 5% Baby Alpaca

Colors: Peppermint & Kale

Birthday Yarn from Mum



Tosh Sock

100% Superwash Merino

Colors: Dachshund (front) & Vishnu (back)


Crystal Palace Yarns

Mini Mochi

80% Merino Wool + 20% Nylon

Color: Equinox

Linen, graphic print project bag from Bluebird Yarn in Sausalito

Little Book of Yarn Songs by Morgan Starchild


40 thoughts on “Well I finally took that step.

  1. Loved this! You are so cute and also a natural in front of the camera. The audio quality was great, too. It was fun to see all of your birthday haul. I think the purple/blue madelinetosh would knit up into some lovely socks. Looking forward to your next episode 🙂


  2. I LOVED your podcast! It was soo fun to hear your voice . You spoke clearly and I Loved how it was not too long. I will have to check out your pinterest boards. Congrats on your running and fitness.
    I loved your hitchhiker scarf. I think you are spot on about our process of
    Finding that perfect yarn
    finding the pattern that excites us
    Casting on and
    sharing our lives on our blogs!
    The New Zealand yarn thoughts were great. I’ve never knit with NZ yarn and I will look for Cozi.

    I have a very nasal midwest voice! Someday I may do a podcast….

    YOU DID it. Congrats!


  3. Bravo Stefani! Well done. I loved hearing your voice! It was a nice length, but even if you made it longer I would still watch! You spoke succinctly and most of all, you had fun!♡


  4. Loved the videocast Sefanie, you could sell NZ wool – haven’t even seen that combination wool myself, could be for export possibly. Good audio is so important so you were well guided. What a load of fun, you’ll have no time for knitting and baking!


  5. So cool to hear your voice and see you! I find whenever I do videos (Very, very seldomly) they take me hours because I have to do so many retakes!


  6. I’m gonna have to look at this post on my computer! I don’t have sound for some reason on my phone 😦 but the yarn looks gorgeous and I love all stuff! Happy birthday! And congrats on this new endeavor! Now off to my PC.


  7. Yay so nice to see you 🙂 I enjoy watching podcasts but it’s trickier finding the time to sit down and concentrate on one without small people around trying to pester. The sound quality on yours is excellent. Looking forward to your next one now 🙂

    Love your new yarns, especially the Freia, so pretty! Looking forward to seeing them turn into projects and fo’s.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend. It’s Mother’s day for us in the UK so DH is attempting to motivate the kids to help clean their rooms while I get to sit down with some knitting and a sleepy puppy 😉


  8. First and foremost: you sound NOTHING like I imagined in my head. Seriously. Not even close to the voice in my head. That’s not a problem but it’s going to take some adjustment from me…

    Secondly: 5K….I need to get running, as well. One of my goals for this year is to actually RUN a 5K. I can walk one without issue but I think the time has come to run one…which should be interesting because outside of an elliptical, I don’t run. Hurts my knees and back and ankles and so on…this could be problematic.

    Thirdly: my LYS here in San Mateo is closing and I need a new shop……thoughts? 🙂

    Fourthly: the purple MadTosh is screaming FINGERLESS MITTS at me but that could just be my subconscious telling me I need to knit more of my own.

    And lastly: STUPID EL NIÑO! I shouldn’t complain because I know we need the rain but my back yard is turning into a mud pit and I have a dog that is…..not intelligent. He will run right through the mud on his way to do business. ::sigh:: My house is going to be a mess again.

    What are your spring break plans? We should probably finally stop messing about and, you know, MEET! It’s not like we live far away…


      • Yeah, Nine Rubies is closing. The last day is March 20th (which is in two weeks). I’m super bummed. I also found out that my LYS back home is giving up the yarn side of their business (they were an art/framing and yarn store all-in-one). So, I’m super bummed even more.

        If I had the business sense, I’d open up my own damn shop….but for now, I’m going to have to find a new shop.


  9. That is so fun! I really enjoyed it. Well done!!!!

    Your insights into what knitters are like are spot on. I have to admit glancing around at my WIPs as you talked about your new project bag. And it’s so true that imagining what you could make is a huge part of the joy of knitting!

    For the possum yarn, I will caution you to turn the socks inside out before laundering if you’re going to machine wash them. In my experience the agitation can cause the possum fiber especially to pill. There are some really fun patterns on Ravelry that involve colourwork with the MC and CC switching from sock one to sock two, like There and Back Again socks. I can’t wait to see what you decide!

    I’m planning to go on a hunt to find Mini Mochi or something similar around here to knit Yaacov socks …. I might be slightly obsessed with that pattern.

    Good for you to be on track with your running. I’ve been trying to do the same and have registered for a 5K race at the end of April.


  10. Bravo Stef! Miss seeing you and the girls, and I miss knitting with you. Did you get a lot of rain on Saturday? We had a very wet winter here and it’s trying hard to be spring. Our cherry blossoms are all in bloom and everything else is starting to grow. Happy belated birthday! You’ve got yourself some yummy yarn.


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