Annyeong haseyo. I am so glad to start a new day. Yesterday was stressful and filled mostly with driving while thoughts of my husband swam about my mind. He decided last minute to have the foot surgery. After reading articles online E felt trying to heal naturally would not heal 100% well. He would end up having arthritis in his right foot and just be able to walk. Surgery would allow him to run again which is his goal by his August birthday.

So Tuesday I drove him to the outpatient surgery center which is an hour away from where we live. We found out the doctor was running late so that meant everything would be pushed back a half an hour, causing childcare pick up to go past 6 p.m. So after the surgeon met with us before my husband went in I drove back home to grab a bite to eat since I would hit pick up traffic at the schools. I then got each daughter, drove us back to the hospital, and picked up the prescriptions. E was already a half an hour out of surgery, waking up. We had to wait until five for him to be released. Then it was a trek home in traffic for one and a half hours. After I got him settled comfortably on the couch, the tween made us a toast dinner and I treated myself to a margarita for getting through the day.


He had a semi-uncomfortable night which meant my sleep was choppy, but he is in good spirits this Wednesday with no need to take his painkiller. Just ice and elevation while reclined in bed. Meanwhile, I am detoxing the stress via green smoothies and green tea + hydrating with my hot water to make up for not reaching my usual, daily quota of water the past three days.

With everything going on, it doesn’t feel like I’ve gotten much knitting done but there is progress from last week:


My STITCHES West 2016 Cowl is now 38″ long. I have 10 more to go.

The first sock of Hermione is knitted up to the picking up of its gusset. For my nonknitting readers, here is a link to show you the anatomy of a knitted sock.

In the first photo, you see the cute heel flap and the heel turn. The criss-crossing fabric is thicker than the rest of the sock because it is the heel flap that rests against the back of your heel and rubs against your shoe. The heel turn goes right under.

The second photo shows you the cuff, leg, and the gusset’s wide opening. I will be decreasing every other round to narrow down the gusset to the sock’s original cast on number of 64 stitches before starting the foot portion.

I have to throw a shout out to Andi who gave me so much help via Ravelry messaging. I didn’t quite understand the heel turn instructions as they were different from my vanilla sock pattern. She told me the basics and then when I mentioned my not-so-quick mind would have to go old school and write it all out, this angel messaged me back fast with it all written out! Andi, kamsa hamnida again! XX

Before I go, I am pleased that you enjoyed Monday’s post beginning on Chinese New Year. I loved how some of you shared your cultural backgrounds. Please, more of you, tell me what customs you observe. I like learning something new.

My goal was to work on these projects as I’d like to get back on track with the cowl and get this sock done so I can move onto another. But I think I’m going to take a quick nap. Have a good hump day. TTYL.


26 thoughts on “R&R

  1. Hehe I’m making a toe up version of the Hermione socks. I like the red you’re using for yours.

    Hope your husband continues to feel better and that the surgery gets him the results he wants 🙂


  2. Hope your dearest heals fast. Take care of yourself too and stay hydrated! Your knitting seems to be coming along very nicely. I am glad you seem to be enjoying the Hermione socks. I found my first try with them an education as well. All the best xoxo


  3. Your day sounds awful and stressful! I hope today is much better. When I finish my Hiraeth shawl I hope to cast on a pair of socks–I really want to become a proficient sock knitter.


  4. I truly just can’t imagine knitting a sock. Your day sounded very stressful but I like that you took steps to relax! Take care!


  5. So happy to hear that the surgery went well and that he is on the mend. You totally deserve a margarita after the day you had! I hope that your ankle is feeling better, too. Love how the socks are knitting up. So sweet of Andi to write up the heel turn for you.


  6. I’m pretty sure I ignored the directions for those socks and just automatically substituted my usual heel flap, heel turn, & gusset decreases. I didn’t even think about it, to be honest. It’s so nice to have something that fits me well 🙂


  7. Sounds like a tremendous amount of running around and coping! I don’t know that I’d have stopped at one margarita 🙂

    Gavin was at hospital today for tests to decide if/when to replace his left hip. Honestly i don’t mind if they do it this year so we can get it over with. Plus that he heals better and faster if he recovers through spring and summer and isn’t house bound!


  8. Tuesday sounds super stressful, you deserved that martini and er… the green smoothie! My sister swears by them. Hope the op on your husband’s foot will be a super good outcome. Love the knitting and that sock looks like it will be just beautiful.


  9. I hope your hubby heals up quickly!

    What day are you going to stitches? I’ll be there on Friday at the Mother Bear Project booth (at least for the early shift), if all goes well!


  10. praying that the surgery was successful and heals super quick, you should buy yourself a present 🙂 beautiful knitting an d I hope that you get more time to knit so you can relax and be comforted by wooly goodness.


  11. Sure hope the patient continues with his good recovery. Will it involve physical therapy too? Love your sock and thanks for the heads up should I decide to knit that pattern. IT is so helpful to hear the issues ahead of time on a blog!


  12. I hope your husband’s foot mends quickly and keep my fingers crossed in hope for him to be running by August!!

    Your cowl is looking really good, and I love the yarn you have used for it! I think knitting socks looks like witchcraft and think its amazing you can knit socks….yours are looking great so far and I love the colour of them 😀



  13. your cowl is looking amazing so far, t will be ready for Stitches West! And sorry to hear of the harrowing day, you totally deserved that margarita.


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  15. Whew just hearing about your day elevated my stress levels. I am glad that everything calmed down and hubby is doing well.
    Your socks look beautiful. I am always happy to help, my friend.


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