I just had to stop by.


It’s me.

(I am obsessed with Adele right now.)

I just had to stop by this Friday morning because of all of the caring comments you’ve been leaving this week. I am grateful for your concern and positive, healing vibes. Hugs to you and thank you. The right ankle is a teensy bit stiff when I rotate it but I can thankfully walk normally now.

Tahoe is out this weekend. Remember here when I mentioned the husband’s interrupted, Michael Jordan drive? He finally saw a sports doc Monday and found out he actually has a fracture. The doctor told him he needed surgery. However, because it was taking a long time for the scheduling surgeries nurse to get back to him, my man made another appointment elsewhere to get a second opinion. This second doc told him he didn’t need surgery. So I called my other little brother who is an orthopedic surgeon in Laguna Beach. E sent him a video of his CT scans and pics of his x-rays via iMessages. My brother told him he does not need surgery. It is now up to the husband to be patient and take care of his foot while it heals over the next month, meaning put that ankle brace or boot to work + them crutches. You know how men can be when they’re sick, mmm-hmm, and he’ll no doubt have an opinion as he reads my blog.

Despite our ol’ fut injuries, other good things are goin’ on around here like this:


I tried crock pot/slow cooker lasagna with this Betty Crocker recipe. It is yummy! How good it felt to eat this comfort food. It was hard to scoop out a pretty portion so I wanted to show you the depths of mouth-watering nom.

The 8-year-old is a tad bit pickier than her tween sister, but oh boy, you should have seen her gobbling down Taste of Home‘s Shepherd’s Pie:


There is prep for sure. I had the 11-year-old cut up the baby carrots and the mushrooms while I peeled gold potatoes and browned the ground beef. It was a bit frantic trying to get it all prepped so I could get it into the oven on time. I like how there’s a baking option because crock pottin’ it would have taken too long due to my disorganization.

We haven’t had spuds since Christmas Eve. I always stare at the huge bags of potatoes at Costco but pass them by every month. I think next time I do need to pick up that insane bag. I’m craving potatoes au gratin, scalloped potatoes, and loaded potatoes.

This is a new, favorite recipe added to our monthly dinner menu:


It is pretty much, homemade spaghetti sauce by Passion for Savings. I had stocked up on canned tomato sauce and canned, diced tomatoes for stews and chilis. Instead of buying our favorite jar sauce from the store, I decided to try making it from semi-scratch. Winner!

And last but not least, one of my lazy dinner go-tos:


Loco Moco but with browned ground beef. My daughters do not like burger patties, but they’ll eat ground beef in this form. I made the gravy using a jar of organic Better than Bullion I found at one Costco trip. Of course you gotta use short grain rice and put an overeasy egg on top. There is no talking when our crew consumes this dish.

TGIF! I’ll be having my own SSR of your blogs today, taking a break from the intense knitting going on this week. Enjoy your day and get your fun on this weekend. Bye!


11 thoughts on “I just had to stop by.

  1. Wow…again you have a lot going on…but glad everyone is mending. You are probably knitting up a storm, too…how are those socks coming along?


  2. Sounds like it was good that the scheduling nurse took so long to get back to your husband! A non-surgical option is always the way to go when possible. Hopefully he (and you!) take the rest needed to heal though I know it’s so hard! I think there would be a revolt if I went a week without potatoes let alone a month. It looks like even without potatoes you’ve been eating well. I’m definitely intrigued by the crock pot lasagna!


  3. So good to hear that your husband doesn’t need surgery! Just make him take it easy – you don’t want it to get any worse (she says, thinking of certain people in her family…!) I’m glad to hear your ankle is better too. Stay safe!

    Yummy food – shepherd’s pie is my young man’s favourite too. He always has seconds when I cook that. 🙂


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  5. Ohhhh, lasagna in the crockpot. Now that is a revelation! Must try it soon. I just bought an Instapot electric pressure cooker/slow cooker/yogurt maker and have been playing around with new recipes. So far so good …. haven’t burned down the house 😉


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