Wuv, Tru Wuv: A Valentine’s Day Mini Swap

Hello on this cold Tuesday. The condensation on our windows are finally melting away. I was glad to read yesterday and today how many of you, east coasters, are safe and warm at least, especially if you’ve been snowed in.

Thank you to all of your recent visits. I loved reading about what project has your attention right now. It is always interesting to hear about what you’re reading also. It made me smile to see you enjoyed the tween’s post. I think those who only visit on Mondays thought Princess Cucpake was only this big:

chloe reading

when she is actually this big now:


Please cross your fingers for my firstborn as she runs her mile today. While she’s a natural runner, I hope she beats her last known time.

Well, my secret swap partner – the talented and lovely Carol E. Herman herself – received her package last night when her DH brought in the mail. I was stalking the Wuv, Tru Wuv: A Valentine’s Day Mini Swap thread all day long, especially at night.

I can show you the goodies now:




1. Turban(d) by Amélie Bernier

Ravelry link here; webpage here.

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Bold Red, which was probably originally dyed for when Knit Red came out.

Shown is the top, front twist. I made note of helpful notes in ppl’s past projects first:

  • I did a provisional cast on using Eskimimi’s method, one that I think is the easiest.
  • I blocked the turban before joining the ends. The piece grew. So I had to unravel both ends for five rows, an inch. The provisional cast on side was a pain to unravel but I soldiered on.
  • I used the 3-Needle Bind Off to join the ends since someone said it was more flexible than the Kitchener.


2. Handmade Card

  • Machine sewn
  • Cardstock used
  • Pinterest idea from here



3. Mini Notebook

I wanted to make Carol one of these because she designs (Ravelry design page here). I think it’s good to carry around something to jot down notes in in case she sees or gets an idea for a new design.

  • Cardstock for the outer cover
  • Piece of fat quarter for the patch
  • Bleach stamping of Carol’s initials
  • Placed a ribbon underneath the cut binder paper and sewed everything down the middle so she has a place marker for her latest thoughts/ideas


4. Candy


Funny tidbit:

The crew and I like to have sweets after dinner. We didn’t have any but the candy bar I had originally picked up for Carol flashed in my head. So I dug it out and we ate it, LOL! I picked her up a new bar right away of course.

Are you ready to see the sweet gift from my swap partner, Melissa, sent down from Washington?

She crocheted me a lovely, little garland. I have always wanted to knit or crochet one for certain holidays but always forget and by then it’s too late. I will hang this up on February 1st.

Melissa must have had a psychic flash because I always misplace my measuring tapes. I wanted more and was lucky to get one from her favorite LYS.

Her card is ornately pretty, yeah? I like its intricate layered paper. It made me smile.

I hope this post brings you a smile. Maybe it’ll inspire you to participate in some kind of swap or surprise someone with a random act of kindness. Have a good Tuesday. TTYL.


15 thoughts on “Wuv, Tru Wuv: A Valentine’s Day Mini Swap

  1. “Little Girl” is so grown up and quite lovely!
    I am right now, currently re-inlove with lorna’s laces. It’s just really lovely to knit with and I must not remember it too often for the sake of my wallet. It’s a lovely swap you’ve put together.

    Our household is a firm believer in at least a little nibble of chocolate at the end of the day 🙂


  2. Such creative swap gifts all around! Especially love the turban & notebook. Princess Cupcake has grown into a lovely young miss! (Although I bet in your mind she still looks like she did in the first picture … they grow up so fast!)


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