New Knitting

Where has time been running off to? I’ve been wanting to blog again this week but with running, prepping dinners + lunch meals for the husband, and finishing up the Wuv, Tru Wuv Mini Swap…By the time I have time to sit down to blog, it’s already dark and I tell myself tomorrow.

The fingerless mitts you had a sneak peak of were mailed off this morning as well as the swap gift. Their ETA is Monday. I can’t wait!

Thank you for talking about the books you’re reading. Some of you have read Trigiani before so it was interesting to read your take on her work. Also, thank you for the wave of support about the frogged, three projects. It felt so good to read how you pointed out how freeing it is and how the yarn will have something better in store for it. Would you believe I ended up frogging a fourth project? Yep, my Woods to Prairies shawl. I was going to finish that up for STITCHES West 2016 but when looking at my cone of yarn, I realized I totally didn’t have enough yarn! What the heck was I thinkin’? This yarn was specially designed by a store in downtown SF that I got to check out with Gail of Today’s Agenda some time ago. They closed up shop so there is no way I can get more.

Therefore, new knitting is happenin’ around here. I first thought about outfit options for the marketplace. I’ll be walking around a lot so I’ll definitely need to wear comfortable, walking shoes. My Nike Internationalist sneakers came into mind which have neon pink and melon accents on it. So I thought to knit a merino/mohair beanie in a bright orange.

However, since it’s been a wet winter, it may rain. That means I’ll have to wear my fushia, Hunter rainboots. They’d already be my pop of color so that means everything else needs to be neutral. This is where this project comes in:

STITCHES West 2016 Cowl


This is the pattern, Domek, by Seattle Yarn. While poking around Ravelry for free cowls, this pattern caught my eye because of the way it’s worn. I also like how it’s a simple lace row repeated on both sides so the fabric will keep my neck warm but not be overly hot.

A part of the frogged, crochet cardigan is now being knitted into this piece. This picture was taken yesterday but as of today, I’m 12″ done and have 3′ to go. I calculate it took me 22 20 rows to knit a foot. I want to have this done by February 14th, Sunday so I need to knit about four rows a day.

What kind of project (fiber, wood, paper, cooking, watercolor, or etc.) are you working on right now?


18 thoughts on “New Knitting

  1. What you are doing on the cowl looks fabulous! I had a peek at it on Ravelry. It’s a stand out cowl.

    I’m working on a few projects. One is the first pair of socks I’ve ever knit. I’m using the Yarn Harlot’s vanilla recipe from her book Knitting Rules, with help from youtube if I get stuck on a technique. The leg of the second sock underway and being winter, second sock syndrome is being kept at bay!

    Another is Spiral Beanie, designed by Linda Medina, from the book Knit Noro. This one’s being made from frogged yarn.

    There’s always a Grandmother’s Favorite wash cloth on the go for car knitting. This one’s being made from a gradient, smooshy cotton blend. It’s a mystery yarn….the label grew legs and walked.

    I’m also seven and a bit blocks into a twisted log cabin quilt for my hubby in orange (his favorite color) and black.


  2. Love the sound of your sneakers and hunter boots. I got some new lace up ankle boots this year in a kind of wine red. Still need to get some new running trainers…

    That cowl pattern looks so warm and cosy, I love how it sits when it’s worn


  3. I love that color – the color of fog. It looks beautiful!

    My life has also been a crazy marathon of running around ~ things should calm down soon I think, or else I am just declaring a few days of family stay at home time.


  4. Knitting is such an amazing craft. My sister loves to knit and is so good at it…I am not a great knitter…I love it though because it’s so relaxing.


  5. You *can* get more Artfibers yarn….but you’ll probably have to troll the destashes on Ravelry (go ahead and ask me how I know that). I was sad when they went out of business but I think I have a good portion of their shop in my yarn closet 🙂 Heck, I might even have what you’re looking for…..

    Also, I find it amusing that the sun is shining and it’s raining at the same time. Go home, California; you’re drunk.


  6. That cowl is looking fab! I have a hood that I’ll be casting on soon as I finish my socks. I’ve been building up my personal wear in lovely wools for winter. I’m feeling so accomplished. I love your plan of knitting so much til your deadline. I’m sure you will make it!


  7. Your cowl is going to be stunning, Stef! No doubts it will look amazing on you.
    Always knitting happening here. Some shawl knitting and soup cooking for this Sunday.


  8. love the texture of the project, so rich and deep!! You will be cuddly warm in it 🙂 Nothing wrong with being busy with life and such. Makes those crafting hours all the sweeter 🙂


  9. Ohhh, love how the cowl is knitting up! A neutral outfit with bright pink Hunters will be so cute and stylish. I want to knit a pair of cabled boot toppers for my Hunters, like the ones that they sell on their website.


  10. I haven’t seen that cowl before, it’s beautiful! I love the colour you’ve chosen, it looks so chic. Thanks for drawing my attention to this pattern- I can’t wait to see how yours turns out!


  11. That will be a lovely cowl. Curently on the needles are 2 sweaters, 2 pairs of socks, a mitten that needs a thumb, and a scarf for the husband. Thanks for stopping by!


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