Keepin’ the Knitting Real

Yo! Thank you for the heartwarming comments on my 2016 Word of the Year. Every one of them made my heart smile. Also, thank you for your enthusiasm about Princess Jellybean’s fingerless mitts. She loves them even though the yarn pills easily.

I’ve been busy with appointments for the girls and me. I’ve also been feeling tired and a teeny overwhelmed here as I had a few, simple deadlines to meet first. Don’t worry about me; I’m fine. I probably need more sleep also.

One task I’ve done recently is take stock of the ridiculous amount of WIPs I have lying around here. I was inspired by many of you to keep that knitting real so I opened up the frogging pond:

IMG_5127 I. Cozy

This was supposed to be a crocheted cardigan shrug. It’s been untouched for over a year. I’m not in the mood for the rectangular style anymore so rip it.


II. Desired for Ages

I figure with my buckets lists for this year and the holiday gifts I need to start soon, I will have no time for these. I lost my desire to whip up a pair of these socks for myself. In addition, I felt the colourway is too busy for the Hermione pattern. Another time I’ll knit Hermione for myself in a better color.


III. NaKniSweMo 2015

Recently, I decided to frog my intended cardigan for STITCHES West. Last weekend I restarted the collar twice because when I had picked it up again, I couldn’t figure out where the hell I was. But in keepin’ it real, I opted to let it go. For this pattern, you have knit the collar strip first and to me with only 36 days left until STITCHES, I don’t have the time and don’t want to be all stressed out, having February 19th looming over me. I reminded myself that knitting is supposed to be fun. I may have a Plan B; I need to ponder on that.

On a happy note, I am finishing up a mini swap gift for my secret swap partner (Sorry, I can’t show anything yet). Carol E. Herman’s group is hosting the Wuv, Tru Wuv Mini Swap here. You knit, crochet, or sew a small treat for your swap partner along with a card and a treat that costs no more than $5. I love the sensible and reasonable rules of this group’s swaps.

On another cheerful note, I finished these fingerless mitts that were requested back in December of 2014:


These Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK need a blocking. I only tease you here because the recipient is such a talented and creative photographer who will take the photos for here and my Ravelry page. I’m so excited to see what Marissa will come up with!

Off to figure out Plan B. *sighs* Thirty-six more days.

Until our next meet up, have a good Tuesday.


21 thoughts on “Keepin’ the Knitting Real

  1. I need to get a wrangle on my WIPs. I had hoped to have a sweater to wear for Stitches West this year, also……but it’s not my year. Maybe next year. I will, however, have my Pacific Shawl to wear, which is something…and my latest sock design is finished so I can wear those (prototype – working on the pattern).

    I need to find myself a tech editor.


  2. I love that you are keeping it real! I love that you remembered that it’s supposed to be fun! Im cheering on Plan B! I do think that by seeing your frog pond we get a chance to see your versatility as well. Your interests and your ability to knit many different things is great 🙂


  3. Love all your reasons for keeping it real. Sometimes a project just isn’t ‘right’. I’m having a massive clear-out of WIPs too. I haven’t frogged anything, but the focus is on finishing right now. Getting sick of seeing all the WIPs cluttering up my space. How about a shawl for Stitches West? They are quick and easy?


  4. Your projects look so snuggly warm! The Wuv, True Wuv Swap sounds really fun – and seriously, anything associated at all with The Princess Bride gets my vote. Have fun and keep knitting! But remember to have fun too. 🙂


  5. I think that keeping it real is a great idea. A bit of frogging is worth it in order to preserve your sanity & to keep the knitting/crocheting fun. Plus, you get to reuse all that pretty yarn.


  6. I love how you bravely went through your WIPs and unravelled them! Thankfully I try and not get carried away with the projects I start, although they do tend to be blankets most of the time he he 🙂 I love the yarn you have used for the fingerless mitts, so pretty!


  7. Lol! On craftsy there was a post about frogging WIPs but I just can’t do it! And I know I have several just hanging out in bags that need worked out. That’s some strength you have there! What a great swap concept! I’ve only participated in a couple and I always love being the giver! Nice mitts!


  8. That awesome that you are freeing up the yarn again, and giving it a chance to be something that you’ll really enjoy!


  9. There’s something very freeing about frogging knitting. It sucks at the build up I think because you remember all the work you’ve put in but then once you do it it’s like you’ve taken a weight off. Well done biting the bullet and realising they projects weren’t working for you. I find that really hard and tend tocarry on for longer than I should do


  10. I had a frogging session at the end of last year. It felt good to have no more projects I had no desire to work on any more! All the yarn except one skein was tucked back into my stash. The skein I kept out is being made into a beanie I’ve wanting to make for quite a while. Win, win!


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