Sharing My Story

Good afternoon. I hope you’re having a tasty lunch right now.

You may have noticed on the sidebar a countdown above the Teaching Bites logo. Teaching Bites was created by the husband and wife duo, Fred and Sharon Jaravata. They are two, dedicated teachers in San Francisco in the public and private school systems. In addition, Fred and Sharon are Ninong and Ganma to Princess Cupcake and Princess Jellybean as E and I are godparents to their two boys.

Recently this bright and dynamic couple started interviewing teachers to share their stories. While I am a former teacher as most of you know, Fred said, “Once a teacher, always a teacher,” so they interviewed me right here in my dining area before the week of Christmas. Today, my teaching story went live as of 5 a.m.

This was the first time I got to participate in a podcast. It was fun! I loved being able to take part in one of technology’s popular innovations. You can access our podcast here.

If you like to know the latest in education or know ppl who are teachers, Teaching Bites is for you/them. My job may have changed eight years ago to a SAHM, but I am still fascinated about how education is evolving because of that teacher in me and because I am a mum of two daughters who are still going to school.

I hope you enjoy my interview as much as I did. Until our next chat, I bid you adieu.


8 thoughts on “Sharing My Story

  1. Loved it! My grandchildren go to an elementary school in San Francisco— they are in the first grade. It was very interesting to listen to. It really was a lovely interview.


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