Before 2015 Ends

My sense of time is all screwed up after the 24th. I can’t believe today is the last day of December. A quick shout out to my mum: Hau’oli la hanau, Mum! I love you.

This year on Goodreads I participated in the 2015 Reading Challenge. My goal was to read 75 books. I’m happy to see my overachiever results:



I’m excited to challenge myself even further for 2016. I’ll still be participating in the Potter Binge that ends by January 31st. In addition to that, now that I read more book blogs, I’m learning about the fun book challenges available out there:

  1. Kathryn of Book Date posted on the 19th about an Audiobook Challenge 2016 she learned about from others. Since I usually listen to audiobooks when I knit, I think this would be right up my alley.
  2. Debbie from The Friday Friends posted  on the 26th about a Foodies Read 2016. This challenge spoke out to me because the nonfiction I tend to sprinkle in are memoirs of chefs. I may add this as well.

Before I close out for 2015, I want to share the thank you cards I made. If you recall from this post, my first foray into creating a card from scratch had me scratching my head in confusion and took a long amount of time to plan out. However this time it wasn’t so bad, but that was because I made it in a different way, inspired by Pinterest of course. I have to say it was really amazing how I got my sh*t together early and cranked these out last weekend.

Here I took an envelope from a stationary set, took it apart, and traced it onto red and yellow cardstock.


Our glue dots had vanished some time ago so I had the tween pull out all the plastic, washi tape we had in stock.

In this second photo, I took one card from the stationary set and traced out cards on white, flecked cardstock. I sized down another card so I could trace out the blue and white striped rectangles:


Meanwhile, I had come across bleach stamping on Pinterest in earlier research so I used this tutorial for the how-to.

I dug out my alphabet letters and cut up rectangles of a grey, fat quarter:


After bleach stamping, I used my pinking shears to cut the edges so they wouldn’t unravel:


I used our Project Runway, limited edition sewing machine to sew the thanks tag onto the blue cardstock and then sewed that onto the cards:


Not bad, huh? Something different. My mum received hers yesterday and was impressed with the idea.

Our ohana has no special plans for this 31st except to chillax. If you go out tonight, have a rollicking time, but please be on the defense for possible drunk drivers out there on the road.

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou to you and yours. I raise my margarita to you. Cheers!


12 thoughts on “Before 2015 Ends

  1. Such darling cards! Ambitious you with all those books read, on top of your knitting. You are really a go getter! All the best to you and yours in 2016!


  2. Happy New Year dear friend!
    I think you did an amazing job on the thank you cards, you are so talented.!
    I feel short on my reading list this year, but am making plans to do better in 2016.


  3. Love the cards, especially your way of making the envelopes (stacks it away in the back of her mind). Anyway – gorgeous. Hope the audiobook challenge goes well, yes some crafts and audiobooks go well, I find knitting is good so long as pattern is not intricate! Have a great 2016.


  4. I am impressed with how many books you’ve read and the fantastic cards you made!! We have our share of paper folding and creating from my son that is sprinkled all over the coffee table.


  5. 92 books, that’s fantastic, well done you! And those thank you cards looks great, you did an excellent job!


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