A Year in Fiber

Good morning. Thank you for the lovely cheers on the last two posts. When a handknitted gift is appreciated, it’s heartwarming and such a victory.

As some had inquired, The Force Awakens was totally awesome! My husband was so excited to see it. I at first had an attitude of yeah, I don’t mind seeing this movie. Once I was immersed into the show, I was on the edge of my seat. I loved it. It pays tribute to the original movies and it definitely takes this Episode VII to modern times.

Well, I thought it’d be fun to see what my needles created this 2015:

Fifteen items were knitted this year:

7 hats (3 adult, 1 tween, 3 baby)

1 wash cloth

1 pair of socks

4 cowls

2 sweaters

This amount is pitiful compared to 2014’s. I guess I can use house-hunting and moving as an excuse for 2015? I hope to be more proknitive or knitductive in 2016.

What was there a lot of for you this year?


5 thoughts on “A Year in Fiber

  1. Stefanie, your knits are all lovely . I knit a ton this year as I’m retired. Life just gets better! Some of my knits were fails though. I am still quite the average in skill


  2. Your year of knits was filled with lovely projects. I am finding that it’s not the number of FO’s that matters most but the enjoyment of making and the pleasure of gifting/wearing/using the items. You are so generous with your creativity and that’s definitely something to be proud of! Happy New Year!


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