Christmas Goodness

Ten o’clock to midnight. Lounge wear. Leftovers. Are you relaxed as much as I am?

I’m happy to read you’ve all had a cozy holiday filled with family, good eats, and goodies. Ours was the same here.

OINK FEST (the edited version):

  1. For the second time ever, I roasted a turkey. Ours was a 13.7 lb, kosher one from Trader Joe’s. I made sure to dry it well after its bath inside and out. The cavity was seasoned and stuffed with lemons, rosemary, thyme, and sage. These herbs were shoved under the breasts’ skin to flavor them. And besides salt and pepper, I brushed melted butter all over the skin.
  2. Loaded potato skins made by my mum. I liked it so much on Thanksgiving, I asked her to make it again.
  3. Her cranberry jello mold made in a vintage mold, an annual favorite during November.
  4. My crazy, three-shift bake fest the day before of pumpkin, chocolate bread; blueberry fruit bars; and cranberry, pecan cookies.


I. A Purple Scootering Streak

My other little sister started riding a scooter to work so she didn’t have to be at the whim of Joe MUNI. I know from before, purple is her favorite color. I immediately imagined her as a streak of purple while she eats up asphalt in the quiet hours of the morn. So I figured a cowl to keep her warm from the cutting air would be perfect for her.

Pattern Used: Cylinder by Cookie A.


Yarn Used: Rios by Malabrigo

Colourway: Purple Mistery

Size: 26.75″ long x 8.75″ wide

Close up of the buttons:


II. A Christmas of Tin Can Knits Designs


Patterns Used: Flax & Oats

I thought it would be so cute if my niece and nephew matched as I thought of how the Weasleys got jumpers for Christmas every year. I picked out Flax because I love the simple, free design with the interesting garter panels.

Their mum was going to get a Pam Powers designed cowl. However, as you read before, even size 4 needles didn’t make gauge and there wasn’t enough time to frog a second time and restart. I found the Oats cowl through a thorough perusal of Ravelry. It called out to me as I thought it’d be cute for my SIL to match her two babies.

Project Names and Sizes: Mum of Hug & Love (cowl)

Hug (4-6 year old sweater)

I wrap you up with love (1-2 year old sweater)

Yarns Used: (cowl) Madelinetosh Vintage in Tern

(Hug) Yowza – Whatta Skein! in Provence

(Love) Madelinetosh Vintage in Celadon

Modification: For the cowl, I knitted it longer since I had so much yarn left.

III. Her Inner Steel

Since I won this beautiful, knitting book, I really wanted to utilize it this Christmas. I did so for my Aunty E:


Pattern Used: Sweetheart Cowl by Pam Powers

Yarn Used: Chunky by Malabrigo

Colourway: Pearl

Size: 10″ tall by 13″ wide

Modification: I didn’t get buttons for this piece as I thought it wouldn’t be my aunty’s style.

I hope you enjoyed the show. All of these knits were well-received and loved. When she has more time, my SIL will take a photo of her and the toddlers in their presents. I’ll post that whenever it comes in.

Until our next chat…back to sloth! TTYL.


11 thoughts on “Christmas Goodness

  1. It all looks wonderful!! My fav is the mold! Made my mouth water and looks so festive!

    I also made a turkey for the second time. I used. Wildtree organic dry rub on the outside and stuffed it with lemons, celery, onions, carrots, rosemary and thyme.


  2. Seriously delicious looking turkey…I am ready to hit Trader Joe’s for one right now. Love the sweets platter and love the look of that jello dessert! I love jello! With fruits and nuts like my mom used to make!

    You really make beautiful knitted things. Cowls are so smart to give as gifts. I love them and collect them!

    Have a wonderful week!


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