Three hours for four mall stores. A stop at Michael’s. A run to Target. Amazon time. Four hour baking marathon. Knitting. Brown packages on our doorstep. Another Target trip. More Amazon time.

This was my Friday, Sunday, and today. Are you walkin’ that holiday crunch right beside me? How’re you holdin’ up?

Here, I’m feelin’ a bit of burnout which is why I ran 3 mi this morning. I may be in and out the rest of this December. I have to buy more yarn because I don’t have enough for that last cowl and then there’s presents to wrap, the house to clean, and taking out the 13 lb turkey so it can start thawing.

Oh, did I already mention more baking? Sunday’s half day was just the tween’s blueberry muffins for her friends and a batch of cookies for her teacher. I have 13 mini loaves to crank out for the two sites of afterschool childcare staff. In addition, I plan to bake for seven neighbors two to three recipes.

So now you know why it may be quiet around here. Kamsa hamnida for your lovely pop ins over the past couple of posts. I love reading what book has captured your attention right now and what recipes are tickling your taste buds. Mahalo for your sweet thoughts on my Moi Moi’s beanie. I emailed her the link and told her to read through the comments. I think she took that pic with her iPhone.

1st bk

Before I sign off, I wanted to link up with Shelia of Book Journey. It’s that time of the year again where we readers rub our hands in glee while trying to decide upon what will be our first books of the new year!

The past two times I participated in this easy and quick meme, I totally knew what I wanted to read! In 2014, I chose a young adult book – Also Known As by Robin Benway – and for this year, I had Deborah Harkness’s The Book of Life (All Souls Trilogy #3), a supernatural romance which was more like an adult, academic Twilight.

I’m kind of up in the air for 2016. I don’t want to read a young adult nor a memoir for sure. I am leaning towards reading an author I have never tried before, such as Adriana Trigiani, Anthony Doerr, or Charles Todd. But I’m still (-_-)ゞ゛. So we’ll see. I still have time to ponder on this but I need to decide because I plan to send a pic of me holding my book for the event’s collage.

I hope you can join in on this fun and short meme. If you decide to, click on Shelia’s link so you can sign up and send a photo of you and your book.

Until we meet again…


13 thoughts on “(/●◔∀◐●)/

  1. Sound like christmas is in full swing at your end! with holiday baking, that sounds delicious. Hope you are enjoying it!


  2. It’s that time of year isn’t it? Busy, busy.
    I am done with the shopping and now only have two gifts to finish knitting, then I can
    start on the baking, wrapping and cleaning!


  3. Girl, I’m cranking right along with you. However it doesn’t seem I’m really generating gifts as much as just the to do. Had a knit club birthday party we did a quesadilla and queso theme last night and tonight I’m baking cookies for 41 for work. Long story. Good thing I’ve been making and hoarding frozen cookie dough huh? My husband did chicken stock all day yesterday with the leftover roast chicken carcasses so hopefully after tonight our freezer will be reduced adequately in time for Xmas eve dinner …

    You exhausted yet? Ha!


  4. I haven’t started baking yet…but I have a few days where I can. i am ready otherwise, as in done with most of the shopping and most of the wrapping. My kids all come home on Sunday!!!


  5. Thanks for posting about the first book. I love that you have participated all three years. Just this morning I think (I think) I know what I am going into the New Year with. If it is the one I stick with, it will be good for me.


  6. I’m doing this too! First time for me. I’m excited. Ahhhhh…..the Christmas Crunch. I am doing a baking marathon today, while working on cards that should have gone out before this And want to watch a couple Christmas movies while all this is going on.


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