Getting Its Mileage In

They stare at me whenever I open up my Ravelry notebook. The projects sit in limbo, labeled In Progress but in truth have been finished months ago, lying forgotten in a drawer. Well as of today, their number of 11 goes down to 10.


Eight months ago, my moi moi asked right out when was I going to get going on that beanie I had mentioned some time ago? My response? Uh, like now on your birthday?

A month and a half ago, I nudged her for a snapshot of her beanie, Wikolia. Here it is:

It’s a simple knitted hat: 3″ of twisted rib before smoothing into a slouch height of stockinette stitch. It’s composed of 220 Superwash by Cascade Yarns in black.

Hey sis! I love the beanie! Been sporting it in my off days…

That’s all I could ask for.

Well, I hope you have ducky plans for the weekend. Our ohana is celebrating my niece and nephew’s 3rd and 1st la hanaus up north tomorrow. Sunday, the tween and I have some major baking to do – her, a sextuplet group of friends and me nine, childcare kumus.



*shaka signs*

(San Diego, summer of 2014)


14 thoughts on “Getting Its Mileage In

  1. I have a few things I need to get to, but first to finish all the gift knitting!
    Have fun this weekend. I am headed to Charleston, SC this morning
    to do a little shopping.


  2. I seem to have missed the crafty gene, but I am so impressed by people who make scarfs and beanies and things like that! I hope you find some time soon to get through some of your projects. 🙂


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