What’s cookin’ good looking?

Aloha. What’s cookin’ good looking? is what Big Kahuna E says when he instinctively knows his wahine is makin’ something in the kitchen. So guess what this post is about?

I. Shortbread Cookies, Take 1

So back in this post, I made shortbread cookies for the first time. Hmmm…fail. Their finished texture makes them look more like some kind of energy cookie in these photos:

The recipe had me use cold butter which made the dough very crumbly. When I read other recipes, I noticed they used room temperature butter which I think would hold the dough together more, yeah, and enable better slicing? Oh well, I’ll give this type of cookie another go another day.

II. Breakfast Sammies

My honey brings home the bacon and this wife keeps him well-fed:


I always want to make sure E starts off his day with a good, morning meal; after all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yeah? So after the month’s Costco haul, I sliced croissants in half, made three omelettes, and opened up the Canadian bacon and pepper jack cheese packages.

That evening, Princess Jellybean stood over the cutting board and just inhaled deeply all the while drooling over her daddy’s sammies. He took pity on her and let the keiki have two of the bare croissants in which Mama then custom-made theirs for their next-day lunches. On the next haul, I’ll have to buy more flats of croissants so the girls can have that for lunch.

III. Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

I recently tried out a recipe for chicken noodle soup:


*shrugs* It was okay. We were able to have it for another night but the pasta soaked up the broth. Next time, I think I’d like to try another recipe for the stove instead.

IV. Quinoa Chili

Okay, this one is a winner! I used Damn Delicious’s recipe:


I get lazy when it comes to lunch sometimes for myself. I wanted to cook a pot of something that I could just dig out of every day and heat up. The tween even likes this chili but the little one makes the face.

It’s healthy and hearty at the same time. I top my daily chili off with shredded mozzarella and a dollop of sour cream.

V. Fruit Bars

I’ve been eyeing Pioneer Woman’s Strawberry Oatmeal Bars for quite some time. Our pantry has lots of oatmeal that’s begging to be used so I finally had time this past Sunday to whip these up:

I used a jar of organic raspberry preserves from Trader Joe’s instead. Oh boy what a nice, little crunch you get once you bite into a bar. And you bet the buttery goodness proudly marches on your taste buds while the sweet quickly kicks high. I plan to make this again for the neighbors.

VI. Softbatch Cookies

You know how when looking at recipes the picture of the final product just sucks you in? This is what happened when I saw this recipe for softbatch cream cheese chocolate chip cookies on Pinterest:

Not bad, not bad at all is my assessment. None of my scoops are an exact 2″. They either 2.25″ or 1.75″ wide. I used the bigger one which resulted in a first tray of cookies that weren’t fully baked. So I had to increase the time a bit.

I don’t know if mine came out the best they could be but hey, we’re eating them. I figure if they don’t jack up my expensive bottom crowns, they’re good. Would I make this recipe again? Hmmm…maybe. If you give it a go, I wanna see how yours come out and what you think, ‘kay?

Well I think I’ve tortured you enough, don’t you? Hope you’ve been having good eats all day. Aloha.


8 thoughts on “What’s cookin’ good looking?

  1. Lots of kitchen experimenting. We are big fans of the breakfast sammy ourselves. Tasty treats for everyone in your household! I have been perusing Damn Delicious a lot lately, but I haven’t tried anything specific yet. I’m glad that was your favorite!


  2. They might look funny, but I bet they taste wonderful. I wonder if the pistachios in the shortbread contributed to the crumbliness as well. Room temp butter would probably help, though. I also like using some coconut oil in shortbread (like a mixture of coconut oil and butter) because it is a bit less solid and easier to mix, but still plenty fatty.


  3. Everything looks delicious except perhaps for the shortbread cookies! So sorry!

    Try making Ina Garten’s chicken soup. It’s the only one I ever make. Chicken breasts are roasted on the bone in the oven and then shredded and put into the stock. I have learned to never put noodles in soup. I just try not to hate cooking them separately…but it’s so much better just to put them in the soup by the bowl!

    I need to try Pioneer Woman’s bars. Those looked amazing! I love a great Costco shopping trip! I need to go!


  4. Will have to try that chili recipe. It looks healthy and delicious! I rarely cook with quinoa so it will be a nice change. I second Patty’s recommendation of Ina’s chicken soup.


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