One More Craft

Crafters, do you stretch before knitting or crocheting? I started to and you know what? I’ve found for my hands and wrists, it makes a big difference. I found on Pinterest some time ago a post by Knit Freedom. The hardest one for me is trying to be patient while doing the forearm stretch. I usually sit here with my timer on and read one of your blog posts.


I’ve mentioned before how our tween took a Project Runway class through Park & Rec and loved it. Her Bella and Big Pop bought her a sewing machine for her 11th birthday. It wasn’t until a month later we finally took it out of its box.

Princess Cupcake started a second skirt after loving the first one she had made in class. However, my firstborn got frustrated with the little mistakes she was making and refused to finish this project after sewing the pieces together. So guess who picked it up? I had to do some figuring out and buy a few things because my child didn’t give me much length to work with.

Here’s the skirt’s journey:

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While she didn’t see this garment through, my daughter’s very happy with the end results. She had brought it to her Bella’s last
Thursday who thought I did a pretty good job.

Christmas gifts are obviously a priority right now but I’m rubbing my hands in anticipation when I can start trying out beginner projects I’ve pinned. Gail of Today’s Agenda, a most talented seamstress, also referred me to this blog of wonderful tutorials. I’m excited!



7 thoughts on “One More Craft

  1. I love the way you work out before you knit! There should be a workout for readers, too! Love the skirt…you are a good mom! Have a great day! I have wanted to tell you that I love knitting, too, but I can only knit sort of useless squares but I am planning on stitching them together into a quilt!

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  2. that is a cute skirt and I’m glad you finished it for her. There will be plenty of crafts for her to dabble in. I do try to stretch. I find it is stopping and taking a break that is crucial!! I learned my lesson this time around.


  3. Terrific job rescuing the skirt. It’s adorable! I keep meaning to take the beginner’s sewing class on creativebug. There are so many cute fabric and patterns out there. I try to take frequent stretching breaks while knitting, otherwise my wrists, shoulders and hands start to hurt.


  4. I wish I had read TGI a month ago about the stretching! I had started to after reading an article about a woman’s muscles that can disconnected from her bone! I can’t have that! I feel princess’s pain with the sewing machine! I get frustrated easily with my sewing as well and rarely see a project through (usually from the moment I thought of it).


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