Plan B

I spy blustery wind, forcing leaves to blanket the sidewalks this rainy day. What do you spy from the nearest window to you?

Ah, remember this post where I would get to try out the 3-Needle Join? That all happened but after many rounds of knitting, instinct told me Fog and Sea would still come out too big on a 3.5mm circular needle. Did I have time to frog and recast on again? Nope. My hands were already taking a minor beating with those needles + the thought of how much time I had left til the 24th and with two other, unknitted gifts looming over my head? Forget about it! Plan B, you’re up!

Ravelry came to my rescue, presenting tons of options for a cowl gift. After much debate, I decided it’d be cute for my SIL to match my niece and nephew with Tin Can Knits’ Oats:


Remember how I named my soon-to-be, three year old niece’s sweater Hug and her soon-to-be one year old brother’s jumper I Wrap You with Love? Their mother’s cowl is Mum of Hug and Love. I used a skein of Madelinetosh Vintage in Tern on a size 7 circ (my hands were seriously thanking me). I also knitted this neckwarmer an inch taller since I had plenty of yarn left. Another present to be blocked.

With Mum of Hug and Love whipped out in two days, I started the fifth, Christmas gift which will actually be my last:


This Malabrigo Rios in Purple Mystery looks more like an indigo here but it’s actually a deep, dark purple. This was the closest I could get it after five tries.

The pattern is Cookie A’s Cylinder pattern from her Cookie A Knitwear Volume I: Shapes + Form. I had purchased this eBook quite some time ago. Once I had seen it, I fell in love with the designs and immediately snapped one up. Cross your fingers for me that this knit will go smoothly.

I was supposed to knit one more present but I’m going to bail to keep my sanity. Plan B is still a terrific option thanks to Amazon Prime.

Are you handmaking any holiday gifts this year? Please share as I’d love to hear about them. And when did you have to revert to a Plan B?

Stay warm and TTYL.


8 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. As of right now, I’m only knitting one thing for anyone other than myself and that’s the bunny from Susan B. Anderson’s Itty-Bitty Toys…for Stormageddon. I’ve got 1.5 legs, a tail, sewing, and embroidery left to do. It’s not much but it’s going to take some time, particularly sewing all the pieces together.


  2. You’re such a generous knitter, what lovely gifts your loved ones will be getting. All I’ve got to give is a pair of socks that my Mum admired so I said she could have them when they’re finished


  3. A matching mommy cowl is an ingenious Plan B. It was meant to B 😉
    My knitting gift list is pretty short this year. One cowl for a co-worker and some ornaments. Maybe a couple of hats for my two guys if there’s time.


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