Pokin’ My Head In

Aloha to you on this Sunday. Lots has been goin’ on this week:

#1: Honor to the Roll

Parent-Teacher Conferences were this week so the keiki’s schedules were a bit wacky. Both are doing well in school of course; the Big Kahuna and I expected no less. We were proud to learn the tween made Honor Roll. Honor Roll and Principal’s Honor Roll is for the fourth to sixth grades here.

#2: Package Delivered

Remember how Tracey of Clover is collecting handknit socks to pass along to the homeless shelter in her area? You already saw in this post the pair I had finished in mid-October. Two Fridays ago I finally got them mailed off to South Carolina. They were safely delivered this week and are now in Tracey’s hands.

I had badly lagged on getting them out to her because I wanted to make her a few presents because I’ve known her for quite some time and absolutely adore her. This is one of the items I handstitched for her:

I’ve seen these bookmark designs around Pinterest and thought it’d be fun to make Tracey one as she is an avid reader. The sheep ribbon was the only one I had in stock so it determined what felt animal I was going to make. I used this kit as an inspiration to hand-draw out the sheep and its parts.

#3: Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Our ohana eats plenty of organic chicken in this house. Sometimes I get so bored and unmotivated to make it. While looking for another recipe, I came across one from Damn Delicious.

My mum taught me to bread chicken back in the day. I would use Panko and didn’t like how it was always so pale white and didn’t brown up in the oven. Using Chungah’s recipe taught me a new trick to flavor it up and get that Panko golden brown.

Here were the results:

The breaded skin had fabulous crunch while the thighs were moist. Plus that honey mustard glaze was delicious!

#4: Ohana Time

Our crew started off this weekend with a visit from our godkin who saw our new home for the first time. This is my youngest godson:

Ethan Runnin'

This 2.5 year old is a rascal. After he warmed up, my handsome godson entertained himself by runnin’ laps.

#5: Baking Bucket List

Another item on my baking bucket list is making shortbread cookies. Please cross your fingers for me that this pistachio shortbread dough:


will turn out well later on today. Does it look right?

#6: Fourth, Christmas Present

I ended up using a smaller needle, a 4, to reknit the first layer – grey and white – of Fog and Sea:


I probably could have even gone down to a 3 but I wasn’t frogging again. So I’m almost done with the second layer and will join them today so I can get moving on the body of the cowl.

I had fun pokin’ in my head this Sunday. I won’t be around next week as my dames are home all week for the turkey break. Also, there is some shopping and food prep to be done for Thursday’s oink fest up in the city at my mum’s.

Safe travels, happy feasting, and continuous laughter to you!


9 thoughts on “Pokin’ My Head In

  1. My mom’s baked chicken never browned either but I think it was because we used either Town House or Ritz crackers, which didn’t brown in the oven. It was still good, though (except the one time I got salmonella).


  2. There’s a lot going on in that household of yours! They are talking about giving us the entire week off … someday. I wouldn’t mind since my kid is older now and fussing for care coverage is not so much of an issue, however … they want to start school 3 days earlier! We already start mid August!! groan!


  3. That sheepy bookmark is so cute! Might have to make a few for stocking stuffers. And as always, you find the yummiest recipes. Have fun with all of the holiday making and knitting! Happy Thanksgiving!


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