A Setback

A Knitter’s Christmas Limerick

by Stefanie

There once was a knitter

Who refused to be a quitter.

With what’s left was five weeks,

She would grit her teeth, puffin’ out her cheeks,

So her loved ones would be warm this wet winter.

If you’re crafting Christmas gifts, I’m sure you feel as I do – the time crunch. The manual, lime green clock in our kitchen ticks and tocks, reminding me of time moving by, day by day, week by week.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a setback on this fourth, Christmas gift:


The fabric is too loose for a cowl. A cowl is supposed to block out the cold, especially the wind. I do dislike gaping neckwear. So even though I finished this first, back layer, I cannot in good conscious conscience continue.

Let the frogs out!

Five weeks and still halfway to go. *sighs*  But we knitters are fiber warriors and soldier on when bumps in the road come along. So I frog and will cast on again in smaller needles. Size 5 don’t let me down. Victory is a must!

With my need to, to bluntly put it, haul ass, I must stray from my daily blog reading. You’ll still hear from me here now and then so you know I’m still sane and fighting against time. I will try to pop in your world when I can.

Time to frog.


12 thoughts on “A Setback

  1. Despite knowing how close Christmas is, seeing it in writing freaks me out. 🙂 Sorry to hear that you had a setback, but if anyone is a warrior…you are!


  2. This happens to me more than you know, and you did the right thing- if the fabric is too loose, then it won’t keep anyone warm! Unless it’s a summer cowl, more decorative than warming….


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