It’s Monday! What are you reading?

A Cold Weather Acrostic

by Stefanie

Goose B umps bounce up and down

While little shive R s dance along.

Cotton laye R s try to keep them still,

But November’s cold weathe R constantly sneaks in.

Oh boy, my knits are happy to be liberated from the dresser drawer.


Yesterday my Evil Minion lapped in the brisk air while basking in the sunshine!

It’s pretty much just a standard beanie but the 1×1 ribbing was knitted long so I could fold it up. I held a strand of Cascade 220 Superwash (wool) in Amethyst with a strand of Colinette Parisienne (mohair) in Purple Passion. The mohair gives my hat some halo and dimension.

Today, I thought to dig out Huckleberry Honies for when I type:


After these fingerless mitts were knitted in 2012 in leftover Amethyst, they didn’t get much wear. I’m glad all that work won’t be wasted. Better late than never, yeah?

It's Monday! What Are You Reading

Well I’m a bit disgruntled that I have a belated, book post. The busy weekend didn’t enable me to write Sunday, the day I find I have better clarity and flow for thoughts and such on my reads. Plus, yesterday was spent mostly running errands. Anywho, I did finish my two, Kindle books.


Let’s start with good, ol’ Harry shall we?



You know sometimes I laugh at the fact that even though I’ve stepped over the line of 40, I still like to read the young adult genre. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone may be about an 11 year old but oh boy are there adult, real world issues embedded in the plot. Good, evil, death, murder, corruption, abuse, and prejudice to name a few.

Reading this book was like being a kid in the candy store in that the experience was magical like watching your favorite movies during the holidays. Despite the ups and downs Harry experiences in this first installment, a sense of wonderment at the descriptive world of wizards and witches was still a cocoon of happy reading. Harry’s introduction to Diagon Alley was the door opener like when Willy Wonka opens the doors to the Chocolate Room. While I read this book, my mind would mentally flash the part of the movie that made it come alive.

Mr. Frost, do come in and take a seat:



As you know, this book was my first foray into poetry. I chose Robert Frost because he was known to write about his New England surroundings. One poem I found I liked was My November Guest. You can read a copy here. This poem touched me because I’m surrounded by evidence of the changes of weather and plant life. Everywhere I drive I feel like I’m walking under the arm of seasonal happenings.

Going for Water is another poem I liked. Here‘s an online copy. It’s probably because it references to our current season is why I noted it. The rhythm of the lines was soothing and all throughout, my mind formed pictures of what was going on.

Unfortunately, I gave this book two stars. While many of the poems I enjoyed, there were just so many like it was stuffed to bursting of Frost’s work. At times I got a little antsy and almost didn’t finish but I made myself read to the end to find those little gems hidden in the volume. This read was just okay for me.

And last but not least…two audiobooks.

I. The Little Prince

I found a copy of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry on YouTube. Let me backtrack a bit to explain why I looked for this book.

For those of you who aren’t fiber crafters, there is a website called Ravelry which is like a FB for those who knit, crochet, spin yarn, dye yarn, and weave yarn. You can record project notes like what yarn you used and what needle size. You can join groups and post on the forums. You can also find free patterns or buy patterns.

So many of my Ravelry friends were using this sock yarn by Zwerger Garn who makes all of these Opal colorway lines, some for example, inspired by Vincent van Gogh paintings or even by the Harry Potter series. I totally coveted this yarn as no LYS in San Francisco sold it.

Well, while vacationing in San Diego two summers ago, my husband took us out to a yarn store before we had to return the rental car. Inside I found Opal sock yarn! *scooorrreee* The skeins she sold were from The Little Prince line. You bet I snapped up two in a blink!

Curious about the book inspiration, I searched on YouTube for a copy of the audiobook. I’ve read online how this book is considered allegorical. It certainly was and here I thought it was just an ordinary children’s book. The fantasy background was interesting considering this was published in 1943. While I know many laud The Little Prince, I just thought it was okay.

II. The Twits by Roald Dahl

Because I wanted something lighthearted to listen to while working on a Christmas gift, I searched for more of this author’s books on Youtube. The cover of The Twits made me smile so I listened to it.

One word: Funny. Mr. and Mrs. Twist are grizzly characters who know no ends to revenge and selfishness. Their beginning descriptions had me smiling as I could imagine a bunch of students enjoying this being read out loud. The couple’s pranks on one another cracked me up. They were so crazy. And talk about smart monkeys and karma. I am so glad to be able to appreciate Roald Dahl’s written word. Three stars.

Well, look at the time, it’s already almost three. I’ll be posting my link on Kathryn’s Monday post. I don’t have time to read everyone else’s book posts today but I will try to start later on this evening and work on it further this week.

This knitter needs to get some knitting done with 37 days left. Eek!


8 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. Love the look of those fingerless mittens and love the colour! I always enjoyed anything written by Roald Dahl and read some aloud to classes when I was teaching. All the best for the knitting and reading in the coming week.


  2. I bought a pair just like those in Maine…love Roald Dahl…not a poetry fan either…you are very brave to actually read poems!


  3. What a clever opening to your post! It’s been brrr here too but I don’t mind one bit because all of the woolens have come out of storage. Love the hat and mitts. Purple is such a beautiful color.


  4. Love your beanie – looks perfect! And I really enjoyed your book reviews. It’s funny, but I also started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but in Spanish. I want to improve my Spanish grammar and reading is the best way to start! It is a great book for learning a new language – fun, engaging and the language is not difficult!


  5. Love those mitts! That’s my fave color! I have yet to read any Harry Potter…I was just reading the new tidiness book that’s all the rage yet only made it through the first chapter. I may need it to be an audio book!


  6. Harry! I love Harry and crew. I read the whole series over the course of one summer and early fall, a few years ago and I fell in love with them. When I finished the last book I found myself missing my “friends”. I like good old Roald Dahl too…his books are a bit twisted at times, but brilliant. I researched him one time and discovered he had a bit of a tragic life.
    Love the knits too!


  7. love those fingerless mitts! And hooray for Robert Frost, he was a great poet. Glad you found some poems you enjoyed.


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