Aloha. I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far.

The four of us just slept in and kicked it at home. I cooked a hearty breakfast of bacon and chocolate chip pancakes. This housewife also attempted chocolate cream cheese cupcakes. However, that was a semi-fail. I read the instructions wrong and mixed in the wet ingredients with the filling. So the cream cheese is practically nonexistent. Be that as it may, the chocolate cake is light and the mini chocolate chips are a yummy addition!

Some of you may wonder what jook is. This was our dinner tonight:


Jook is basically rice porridge. It is comfort food to us. Some people like it watery. Some like it thick like our crew. My mum usually makes us jook but since we live farther away and it’s been cold, I decided to try it myself after looking at some recipes.

Above is actually my second attempt. The first time I used pork hocks like my mum but when I went to Lucky’s yesterday, there weren’t any. So I grabbed ham shanks. I figured since they were smoked like the pork hocks were, they’d work. I’m glad I had a chance to use this smoked ham because there was so much more flavor!

This is how I made the recent jook:


2 packages of smoked, ham shanks

9 c of smoked ham-flavored water (You will be creating this in Step 3.)

3 – 4 qt. cartons of organic chicken stock/broth

3 c of organic, long-grain rice


green onions


Note: This rice porridge must be started early in the day if you plan to have it for dinner.

Tip: To peel ginger, use a spoon to scrape off the skin. It really works as I used to dislike getting ginger ready until I learned about this trick.

  1. Place the smoked, ham shanks in the bottom of a 12 qt pot.
  2. Fill the pot with cold water about halfway.
  3. Boil the ham shanks 30 minutes per the pound total of the ham. (My four were 3.82 lbs so I boiled them for an hour and 54 minutes.)
  4. Meanwhile, cut thick slices of ginger and cut off the root ends of the green onions. Save for later.
  5. When the boiling is done, take out the ham shanks and cut off the meat. Leave it to the side for now.
  6. Measure the amount of flavored water/broth created and pour it back into the 12 qt pot. (I got 9 c.)
  7. Add to the pot, the chicken stock/broth, the rice, chunky ginger, and some of the green onions.
  8. Bring everything to a boil and leave it simmering. Stir once in a while as the rice can stick to the bottom.
  9. Add the meat when the jook is thicker.
  10. Over several hours, the rice will thicken up more. If you want a thinner porridge, add more stock/broth or water. (I started Step 7 near noon and our jook was pretty much ready by 3:30 p.m.)
  11. You can flavor your jook at dinnertime with soy sauce and garnish it with green onions.

If you make this, pls link back to this post and let me know how it came out!


10 thoughts on “Jook

  1. It does have all ingredients to make it a comfort food, and I bet you have left overs for unch. It seems like it would take a while to make, though. Why not just pop over for a weekend and make it for me? I would love that!


  2. What went through my mind was that I have never heard of this food until you wrote about it…comfort good for me is a baked potato!


  3. Thanks for the recipe, it looks yum, our crew are a fan of rice recipes so I’m always on the look out for new ones to try. I loved the baby beanie, I mean how cute and small is that and I tend to just layer up as well with knits over long sleeved t’s. I find it easier to keep warm this way as I get too warm with most jackets, I must add this top to my wardrobe it looks comfy.


  4. What region of the world does “jook” come from? My sister-in-law is from Guam, so her traditional holiday foods have become our Christmas eve foods! Yummy! As the Jook looks yummy too.


  5. @Debbie – Jook is the Cantonese pronounciation of the dish. Mandarin Chinese would be “Xi Fan”

    Mmmm! Jook! Definitely a comfort food for me! I haven’t tried it with the smoked pork; it’ll definitely be on my to try list. Usually I make it when our stomachs are upset and I usually do it with a Costco rotisserie chicken. Strip the breasts and most of the meat, chuck the carcass into the pressure cooker with a ton of water and turn it into chicken broth and then cook the rice in the strained broth adding in the shredded meat to warm up near the end. Served with ginger scallion oil and white pepper. I’ll let you know when I try the smoked ham version!


  6. ooh, a nice relaxing weekend and comfort food- what more could you ask for! that looks so delicious, and I love things thtat are oatmeal-y in texture.


  7. My mom makes a Vietnamese version of jook that is very similar. Although instead of pork or ham, she uses chicken for the meat and garnishes it with French fried onions along with the scallions. Total comfort food, especially when sick. Thanks for the recipe!


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