Baby Sized FO

60°. Brrr! I hope you are in warmer temperatures than us here in the South Bay Area.

I was able to finally finish this baby beanie yesterday:


I used a size 5, 9″ circ which affects my hands Continental-wise so I threw for the knits and purls. This style of knitting takes me longer to knit and in truth, this hat was more of a car or travel project.

I was stumped on naming this project so I named it Atlantis Slouch. The yarn is Knit Picks Chroma Worsterd Worsted in Atlantis. The pattern is Susan B. Anderson’s Modern Rib Hat. This is the baby size. It‘s seems big for a newborn who will be born in April, but I hope he will get some use out of it. I probably could have cast on six less stitches. And you know what? I actually like the reverse side more.

I wrapped it up and brought it to Princess Jellybean’s school. However, the first grade teacher wasn’t there today. I passed it along to the secretary who’ll place it in her mailbox. Oh well, but at least she’ll get a nice surprise Monday morning right?

The ham shanks are almost done boiling. I’m making a double batch of jook today for our crew to enjoy. Nothing like comfort food on cold days.

What project of any medium have you finished lately and what food evokes comfort for you?


14 thoughts on “Baby Sized FO

  1. ALMOST done with the baby sweater that I love but wish had no deadline. Comfort food for me is definitely Mom’s mac and cheese. second best is my own beef stew in the crock pot. 🙂


  2. What a beautiful colorway to make a baby hat in. Personally I think it’s great as is for a baby. Who doesn’t love a hipster baby? I love hipster babies more than hipsters, that’s for sure 😉

    I am a fan of that pattern in general though. I tell you, I need to cast on a hat. Meanwhile back at the “nothing is finished” ranch. I WILL finish a shawl tonight!!

    We are suffering from spoiled children syndrome and are too tired and bored to be excited by food this week, eating has been total sustenance which is not like us at all. It’s been long. It’s been busy. Right now, a dinner out would be comfort — except we may be too tired.


  3. Such a sweet little hat and I know the love it holds will bring such happiness to a new soul.
    I heard your town had some sad news this evening and I was sorry to hear it on top of all the sadness coming out of Paris. Much love to you and your family.


  4. Darling hat! It is a good picture of how Chroma knits up. Have always wondered what it would look like in a project and now I see! Pretty.


  5. Super cute hat! I love the ombre effect – it reminds me of how many different shades of blue the sky can be. One day I will be able to do more than simply make a row. Lol.

    Jook sounds amazing! Comfort food here is macaroni and cheese, or soup – any kind.


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