With looking forward to tomorrow’s holiday, Tuesday is moseying along like Andy Griffith with his fishing pole.

Heart Pumping

This morning I finally had what I call a “real run” as my Fitbit’s GPS recorded 3.3 miles. All of my routes have been Google Mapped and I swear I’m told they’re each over 3 miles. Yet, the past few runs, I supposedly only log in close to three which is irritating. I told the husband I may have to get one of those sports watches.

On my way back I snapped these:

Do any of you know what flower this is? This is the one I mentioned before. It attracts many eyes as one time I was running by and this woman was taking a pic with her phone. She didn’t know what it was either. I’d like to have this in my someday garden.


After yesterday’s battle between the rain and sun, today is just 59°. With this dining area being surrounded by windows, the cold likes to wrap around me. Today I donned my Over the Chambray:


This is the Polly Pullover pattern that utilizes Spud & Chloe Outer. I knitted mine in Sequoia. While I had planned to wear this garment over chambray button ups, I found the shirt to be too bulky so I layer long-sleeves underneath instead.

I feel a lot warmer and it hit me that maybe, just maybe, I should knit a few more to keep warm at home as living in a house is different from in an apartment? Whaddyya think? BTW, if you are ever thinking of trying out this pattern, I can guarantee that you will get lots of compliments on your FO. Whenever I wore it in the city, ppl noticed it right away and asked if I had made it.

On the Knitting Front

I can report that I am halfway through my handknit, Christmas gift list! Her Inner Steel had her edges whipstitched so the picot edgings could stand out. She joined I Wrap You Up with Love and Hug for a December blocking.

So now, the fourth present has been started:


Princess Cupcake kind of helped me name this project. She had thought of Murky Sea. I liked the sea part and then thought of how my SIL lives right outside of SF and how of course there is usually fog in her area. So Fog and Sea was born.

The pattern is Petticoat Cowl by Pam Powers. It is from that same book I talked about here. I’m really happy to be utilizing this beautiful knitting book this year. It’s probably the first one I’ve used multiple times.

So I’m on the first layer of the cowl. This DK, dark grey yarn is Plymouth Yarns. The blue and white ones are Lang Yarns’ 120 Merino Superwash in DK as well. This grey and white layer will be in the back touching the neck and later on joined to the front layer via a 3-Needle Bind Off without the BO. I’m liking this pattern from the gecko.

As for my NaSweKniMo cardigan, sadly, it actually has yet to be started. I hope to start it tonight or tomorrow.


Thank you very much for your visits here. I love reading your thoughts on each post. I appreciate you sharing what you’re reading and of course, I will tell my mum all of your compliments on her honu pillows.

Well, I must leave you to make a mini naan, sandwich taco. My mum turned me onto using those like bread. I toast a piece and layer mustard, super greens, honey ham, and cheese on it.

What have you been creating from scratch (of any material) lately?



12 thoughts on “Progress

  1. I so wanted to knit yesterday…the rain and the cold and the ick but it just didn’t happen. In fact, it’s been a few too many days since I last knit. I did color yesterday 🙂


  2. Love the Polly Pullover pattern, would be so warm over a long sleeved tee. Don’t know the flowers but when I am out for a walk I love looking into all the gardens along the way.


  3. I hope you had a good day off with the girls. Your knitting is really looking good and I’m glad the weather is allowing you to enjoy wearing it too. hehe.

    We are trying to convince a coworker she needs to get on the fitbit train. I think she drank the koolaid. hehe.


  4. I love my fitbit, but I’m not a runner- do you find it’s not recording properly? I wear min clipped to my bra, I find it gives the best reading that way. I love that photo of you in your hand knits, you look awesome!


  5. I’m still trying to decide between FitBit, Jawbone and Garmin. Right now I just use Map My Run on my iPhone. No matter what it says, a run is a run and it’s better than sitting on the couch!

    I think those flowers are “Trumpet Vine”.


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