A Revisit + Priority

I just realized I forgot to post a follow-up to the last poll:


Hermione’s Everyday Socks won by a landslide. When you first started voting, it was almost neck and neck. I had happily started the first sock before Halloween. However *sighs*…the cinquain tells it all:


It sits.

Forlornly there.

Where’s the past excitement?

What happened to the desire?

Not now.

Recently when doing my daily reading of blogs, there was a post mentioning Christmas and how much time was left until then. I felt the fog was lifted from my eyes. This haiku represents that wake up call:


Six weeks, five days more,

Third out of six stares at me.

Where’d time go? Quick, knit!

While the 24th seems to loom ahead like a flashing, neon sign, I must kick the holiday knitting into high gear. Her Inner Steel is almost done. I had added five more rounds, started the ribbing, and was on the picot edging when I realized I had too many stitches on my circ. So there was some frogging to go back and redo that decreasing round to get my numbers right.

I have a bit more ribbing to go, the picot edge, and then bind off! Finishing this gift will put me halfway through holiday gifts. I do have to say while I have had setbacks due to my own dumb mistakes, I love working with this Malabrigo Chunky.

Enough blogging. Time to get my knit on.

TGIF. Have a good weekend.


11 thoughts on “A Revisit + Priority

  1. Have fun knitting! My friends and I are getting together for a night of knitting, sewing, embroidery, etc. I can’t do any of these things, but my sister-in-law is going to teach those of us who don’t know how to knit, to knit. We are making baby headbands. I am really excited about it!


  2. I have that yarn as well! We will be sock twinsies. 🙂 Hermione’s everyday is a wonderful pattern. Your progress is looking wonderful.


  3. Ahh love the haiku! I no longer bound myself to Christmas gift making…so much pressure, although I guess the shark socks count for someone else! That yarn you are using for those socks is so pretty!


  4. I do not knit, but I do belong to a group called “The Hookers” The Happy Hookers (I go with my daughter in law) it’s a group of wonderful women who knit, crochet, and do all kinds of other hand crafts involving yarn and fabric. I’m going to share your blog with them.


  5. It’s crazy how soon Christmas is coming, even though it doesn’t feel like it yet! And you can’t got wrong with Hermione’s everyday socks, they are always perfect.


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