Touching Base


The bass of Diddy’s “Dirty Money” booms in your left ear as you run clad in black, white, and grey. Your new long-sleeves made of compression, sweat wicking fabric keeps you warm in the cold morning. Your only pop of color, those neon pink and yellow running shoes, comfortably guide you through the start of your intended route. Once you round the corner, you see the cascading bushes of slim, yellow flowers that are pink at its ends and that hang upside down. You smile. You’re breathing well and your body feels well-energized by that morning, Elvis toast. The happiness spreads as you feel blessed – blessed to be able to run with a healthy body, blessed to be to stay at home and have so much time with your daughters, and blessed to be married to such a man who works hard daily to provide for his family.

Hullo. This is what hit me late morning as I went running. While I was tempted to stop and snap a pic of those flowers, ones I can’t identify and ones that catch my eye all the time, I made myself just enjoy being in the moment. I’ve been feeling in a running slump of late. I was worried I was getting lazy or out of shape since I haven’t been consistent for the past couple of runs. But I figured out eating something right beforehand really does help. I realized it’s not just about my muscles but also about my blood and how it courses through my body while in motion. It felt wonderful to just be and feel the blessings go through my mind like ticker tape.

PART TWO: Peasant Bread, 2nd Round

This past Sunday I whipped up another batch of peasant bread for the princesses. During last Friday’s Costco run, I skipped buying white bread as I wanted to make it fresh for their sandwiches. I have so much more respect for bread bakers. While the recipe is easy to follow, it’s work to make bread.

This time I put all of the dough in the 1.5 quart Pyrex as the 2.5 qrt would have been too big. Its fragrance made the 8-year-old drool. While we ended up with a pretty and tasty result again, I have to say this size wasn’t as comfortable to slice up. I liked the two, smaller loaves from the first round as they yielded prettier slices.

I’m sorry; am I making you salivate again? *smiles* I enjoy all of your bread-loving reactions.

PART THREE: New Recipe

One weekend when I was feeling run down, E went out and picked up what we nickname “quick & dirty food” from TJ’s. One box was of cod fillets. Princess Cupcake likes salmon for sure while her sister usually doesn’t like fish at all. But they both tried a bit of the fried cod and gave it thumbs up. So last week’s Costco haul included a package of wild sole.

I’ve been craving fish and chips for the longest time. So when I searched my Mum Mum – Fishy, Fishy Come Swim in My Ocean board, I found I had pinned Brown Eyed Baker’s Beer Battered Cod recipe. Of course cod is thicker than sole so while our fish was thinner, the flavor and crunch were still there:


Although this was an easy recipe to follow, there is a good amount of prep work involved before frying. The crew looks forward to another batch.

PART FOUR: Another Reading Meme

While catching up on blogs today, Mari of MariReads posted about this:


I thought to myself, why not? I ‘m always reading anyways in-between knitting and chores. Plus, Harry Potter has always been ageless and timeless to me. #potterbinge

And guess what? After unsuccessfully not finding our hardcover editions of the series today, my husband treated me to the digital set from Pottermore! Ain’t he a sweetie? *fist pump* I’ve been wanting the Kindle editions for ages.

*inhales* Ahhh, our dinner teases my olfactory system. I need to check upon the Vietnamese-flavored chicken thighs, wash the rice, and prep our baby broccoli. Hope you have a yummy dinner planned. Happy noshing!


7 thoughts on “Touching Base

  1. Everything sounds delish! My hubs loves a good fish fry…I’m gonna check this one out. I usually fry tilapia. I love your bit of washing the rice! When I first did it in front of my hubs he thought it was strange hehe. Now he knows I make the best rice!


  2. I am making that bread soon! I even bought new Prrex sets at Costco because I only had one lone Pyrex bowls…lots of other bowls…I kind of collect them but none that I thought I could put in the oven!

    I have never fried anything…too scary!


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