More Bread

Learn something new today? I did. Instead of doctoring books, I received a quick tutorial on how to shelve books. The librarian showed me the layout of the library and how the Dewey Decimal System worked. So for an hour, I put back nonfiction books, mostly in the 500’s and the 600’s. This gave me a look-see at the library’s selection on bats, cars, human body, space, spiders, whales, and wolves. It was fun! I love picking up new skills.

I came home to work on getting yesterday’s prepped dough into the oven. This time, I tried out Flax Wheat Bread by Mom’s Dish:

Look at that outside crust! And see the soft, springy inside? It has nutty flavor from the flax seeds and a wonderful crunch.

I love it! It feels so good to make unprocessed bread from scratch. My husband will definitely find it delicious. Our dames, on the other hand, are disappointed as this bread isn’t the color they prefer. But they won’t be objecting long as I’ve restocked up on active dry yeast and will make the beloved peasant bread again.

The marinating, sliced steak needs a stirring for tonight’s bulgogi and simple bibimbap so I must go. What have you made from scratch recently? What’s for your dinner tonight?


12 thoughts on “More Bread

  1. Today I remade two dozen pumpkin sugar cookies that will be frosted by the kindergarten kids in my Grandsons class at their halloween party. I made some yesterday but when they looked a little different coming out of the oven, I realized I had used corn starch instead of baking powder. Oooopsy! All is well now though.


  2. you are killiing me with the bread. have lost 26 lbs on weight watchers and its pretty much no bread allowed! I bake for the rest of the family .
    Dinner toingiht: Cheeseless pizza


  3. Your breads are looking amazing. I haven’t baked bread for ages. It is so therapeutic to knead it and get it just right. Even better when it tastes so good! The last thing I made from scratch was a custard cake. It was very yummy.


  4. That bread looks lovely…I just bought a new Pyrex bowl to make the other bread in. I made that recipe before but in a loaf pan…I can’t wait to try it out in the roundish bowl. I must have a million bowls but none that could actually go into an oven! Wish me luck! We are having salad and chicken strips this evening…an easy Friday night dinner!


  5. The Flax bread looks delicious and it sounds like it tastes it as well and I really like the look of the peasant bread you made. I cheat a bit and make a soda bread which has no yeast but which would be very common here. I love the Sweetheart Cowl and that yarn just begs for you to reach out and squish it! It is going to make a great gift !


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