Aran Out, Chunky In

Yesterday was a lovely day full of drop-ins. Thank you to you all for sharing where you’ve been transported via the written word and for admiring the peasant bread which is rapidly disappearing in this house. I hope to later this afternoon try out a flax, wheat bread recipe as I have one packet of yeast left.

So today I show you Plan B of the Sweetheart Cowl gift:

Madelinetosh Chunky in Tart wasn’t cutting it due to it wasn’t heavy enough for the pattern; that was my mistake. Isn’t it weird how it’s called chunky when it’s actually aran weight? Sorry aran, you’re out.

Will the real chunky please stand up?

Digging through one of my yarn bins had me unearth this Malabrigo Chunky in Pearl. When my fingers touched it I was like, hello Malabrigo old friend; I’ve forgotten how soft you are. See how this yarn is able to make the cowl stand up? Chunky, you’re in!

So great progress has been made on this holiday gift. I’m supposed to start on decreasing at this point. However, I’ll be using up the first skein of yarn quite soon and no matter what, knitting a portion of the second skein. Therefore, I may extend the height further by knitting another repeat of the lace pattern before decreasing for the top since I’ll have so much yarn left.

In case you’re wondering, I got this lovely, simple pattern from this beautiful book by Pam Powers.


I had won it some time ago on the blog of Andi of My Sister’s Knitter. The cover’s project was what caught my eye and it still does. I’m so sorry Andi I haven’t mentioned this before!

If you are ever at a bookstore or at your LYS, check it out.The models are gorgeous and beautifully styled with a scarf project. Pam’s daughter is even one of models! I love how the schematics are clearly laid out and you’re shown how the FO’s can be worn. Before I had moved, I showed this win to my SF knitting group and one of the members fell in love with the book and bought one as soon as she could.

With my metabolism in overdrive from this morning’s successful run, my tummy is rumbling. Off to refuel before princess pick up. Have a good Tuesday and TTYL.


10 thoughts on “Aran Out, Chunky In

  1. hi there—I think the R.I.P. challenge is an annual thing. This was my first year participating tho. I love all your knitting! I’m going to share your blog with my daughter-in-law who has just taught herself to knit. She’ll love it.


  2. Looks like a lovely gift coming up to keep someone warm. I don’t knit so much these days, trying to learn quilting at the moment!. I belong to a little knitting group though. We recently knitted a christmas nativity set for a school to raffle. (All retired teachers helping out our old stamping ground).


  3. I remember feeling deceived by the chunk tosh as well. I’m glad you sussed out the right weight yarn for you sooner than later. It looks good already!


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