It’s Monday! What are you reading?

If you like bread, oh boy you should have been here yesterday. Our crew loves homemade bread, something I’ve always found intimidating especially after having had a pizza dough failure. However, I’ve been slowly dabbling in it again this year (here & here). I finally tried Alexandra’s Kitchen recipe:

Don’t you love the light crust on the outside and see how fluffy the inside is? The family’s reactions:

Husband yells from the office, ” This bread is good!”

Princess Jellybean, “Mommy, this bread is so good. You need to make this bread every day.”

Princess Cupcake was too busy stuffing her mouth.

I used two, Pyrex bowls; one was 2.5 L while the other was 1.5 L. Next time, I will just use the 2.5 L one. I loved using my bread knife and hearing its serrated edges crunch through that crust!

Okay, onto books…

It's Monday! What Are You Reading

I decided to try out Bill Bryson, a travel writer, when Katherine of I Wish I Lived in a Library mentioned his books. London is definitely a place I’d like to visit one day; for now, vicariously is how I travel so I downloaded his memoir.



SUMMARYAfter nearly two decades spent on British soil, Bill Bryson – bestselling author of The Mother Tongue and Made in America-decided to return to the United States. (“I had recently read,” Bryson writes, “that 3.7 million Americans believed that they had been abducted by aliens at one time or another,so it was clear that my people needed me.”) But before departing, he set out on a grand farewell tour of the green and kindly island that had so long been his home.

Veering from the ludicrous to the endearing and back again, Notes from a Small Island is a delightfully irreverent jaunt around the unparalleled floating nation that has produced zebra crossings, Shakespeare, Twiggie Winkie’s Farm, and places with names like Farleigh Wallop and Titsey. The result is an uproarious social commentary that conveys the true glory of Britain, from the satiric pen of an unapologetic Anglophile.

THE VERDICT: Unfortunately, this Kindle book was added to my Incomplete shelf. I got up to chapter seven, trying to give his writing a chance. I didn’t feel hooked from the beginning. I guess his travels wasn’t what I had expected or wanted to learn about the country.

So I stopped and turned to my second book:

india black


It’s still a read-in-progress but I will just say for now I love Carol Carr’s blunt writing style.

What are you reading and baking?


23 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. I love fresh-baked bread. My girlfriend used to bake it for us all the time, but the breadmaker broke and right now we don’t have racks in our oven to bake at home. So disappointing!


  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love yours…I want to try that bread recipe! I am reading The Past and not cooking anything today! We ordered dinner from a lovely shop near us. It’s my husband’s birthday and we don’t feel like going out…so I ordered mustard glazed chicken breasts and green beans and mushroom macaroni and cheese plus a flourless chocolate cake for his birthday. All I have to do I’d reheat!


  3. I love the bread! I love making bread so I’ll have to give the recipe a try. That looks yummy! That’s too bad Bill Bryson didn’t work for you but I can definitely understand it. I have to be in the right mood for him and even then he can annoy me. India Black looks interesting. I haven’t heard of Carol Carr before but I love a blunt writing style!


  4. I actually really like Bill Bryson! A friend from college introduced me to one of his books, and his writing style really hooked me. I’ve read most of his travel stuff by now.


  5. There is nothing better than warm homemade bread dripping with butter. Now that the weather is cooler I am feeling the tuck to get back to the kitchen and I’ve already had requests for bread…I have a son that can eat a loaf a day.


  6. mm.. i wouldn’t mind fresh homemade bread.. sounds delicious.
    sorry to hear you first book didn’t turn out as you expected, i hate when that happens. I just finished reading The Silver Linings Playbook.. it was very different from the movie. I’m still digesting it..


  7. Mmmm … homemade bread! Delish! We make a lot of it using the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day strategy. If you’re not familiar with it, there are books and a website! After we tried that we got rid of the bread machine!!

    I’m struggling to find a book I want to read these days. After finishing “All the Light We Cannot See” I’ve started and given up on half a dozen books. Maybe I’ll look again tonight!


  8. The bread is beautiful, I’m glad it was so tasty! But you used the Pyrex word. When I reorganize my kitchen maybe I will deserve a new Pyrex. oooo. No reading over here. I just really want to knit all the time.


  9. My mouth is watering just looking at that loaf, would have been perfect with the spinach soup I made on Sunday night. I haven’t baked bread for months … now I want some. Glad you’re enjoying India Black. Have a great week and happy reading!


  10. That bread looks amazing. I have a book by Bill Bryson and a book about India Black on my TBR mountain but haven’t had a chance to read either. I have read one other by Bryson and found that I did better when I read a chapter or so a day rather than trying to read it all at once. Come see what I have been reading here. Happy reading!


  11. Oh, that bread!! Mouth-watering…nothing better than fresh bread in my opinion. I’ve enjoyed Bill Bryson’s books and have Notes From a Small Island on my wish list. Enjoy 🙂


  12. Oh, my, I can smell that bread from here. Yum! As for the book – My first Bill Bryson book was “A Walk in the Woods” and I found it screamingly funny in parts, and always educational. I can’t wait to see the movie. It taught me that I will never even think about hiking the Appalachian Trail. 🙂 I also recently read, and mostly enjoyed One Summer. Again, I learned a lot (more than I wanted about baseball) and it had some humorous moments. I haven’t read any others yet, but have a few on the bookshelf. I think he is the type of author you have to be in the mood for.

    I haven’t heard of Carol Carr but will look for her. New authors are always fun to discover.


  13. There’s nothing like homemade bread. Especially when its fresh. Your pictures are making me hungry heh.

    I’m currently reading a holiday novella called Merry Mary by Ashley Farley. Its pretty good so far.
    Happy reading and baking to you.


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