Maneuvering through Recent


I’m sorry; did I blind you?

My new kicks are the only positive since today’s run was half-assed. My mind and legs weren’t into it unfortunately so there were big chunks of walking. I could have pushed through it but I just gave up at times. Chalk it up to any of the following: Fatigue (Thank you, BTW, for your sweet concern.) catching up to me from the read-a-thon weekend, overheated from wearing a black long-sleeve, or boredom from that familiar mile stretch. So I’m soothing my perfectionist soul with some Duran Duran from my Synth Pop playlist and an omelette filled with baby kale and pepper jack cheese.

If you were curious about how our split pea soup had come out a few days ago, check it out:


I seriously need an immersion blender. I had to use our Nutri-Bullet four to five times to blend the slow cooker results. Princess Jellybean commented the first night, “I love it!” In other words, the soup is hella good and Mama chose the right recipe to make for dinner.

I finally got out to JoAnn’s to pick up a 16″ Takumi Clover 10.5 circular. It was the last one. After having to frog and start over again – watching the last of “The Good Wife” season 6 and knitting a new lace pattern for the first time didn’t mix well – I’m caught up:

This is holiday gift #3 in Madelinetosh Chunky in Tart. Don’t you love the drama of this color? It makes me think of queens or a night at the opera.

Okay, time to go. After a hot shower, I will curl up on the couch for some knitting therapy. Oh, if you still haven’t voted on yesterday’s poll, there is a little over an hour left before it closes. Have a solid Thursday.


10 thoughts on “Maneuvering through Recent

  1. Love your new kicks! Pink isn’t my color but they’re kinda cute. I love my lavender/purple ones but coming up to needing a new pair.
    Soup looks yummy, not sure what an immersion blender is. I have this stick thing you put into the soup and it blends it all, but gotta be careful because if I lift it out and still hand on moter – splatter!
    Knitting looks like it’s going to be gorgeous.


  2. Pretty shoes! Your new WIP is going to be great. I find lace is one of those things where I need absolute concentration. The young man keeps talking to me (the nerve! ;-)) and I have to keep tinking back on my current shawl. Now I remember why I stick to socks most of the time…


  3. love the new shoes!! Nice and bright so traffic can SEE you 🙂 I had an immersion blender and burned out the motor. I must have over used it….Love the chunky tart . I have that colorway in laceweight!


  4. I love a good pair of running shoes and I have to say, those look fantastic. If they are half as comfortable as they are cute, you’re doing well. I am a fan of split pea soup, and usually use the short cut starter set. Its always too salty, I will have to try from scratchy scratch like you! The yarn? Looks super fun to knit with.


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