Now, cozy feet!

Before I get into today’s post, can I just say how lucky I am to be married to my husband? Yesterday, I had a slight headache and sinus pressure all day which he knew about because we chat on Hangouts all the time. He surprised us and came home early just so he could take our youngest to her aikido class. (。♥‿♥。) I was able to stay home and rest. Ain’t he the best?

Princess Cupcake helped my tired brain by coming up with today’s post title. She also was my model for these:

Needed Because They’re Less Donated is ready for send off. I need to email Tracey for her address. I’m proud to add my socks to her 100 pairs goal for the homeless shelter.

Quick Poll:

So what do you think? Add your two cents by voting.

And BTW, mahalo nui loa for following along the quadruple posting Saturday. You were my cheerleaders and helped validate my participation. TTYL!


8 thoughts on “Now, cozy feet!

  1. 1. Great title! Pass that on please.
    2. LOVE THE fall socks. They are already bringing the first “steps” of happiness. See what I did there? ha!
    3. You know I’m always going to support your knitting instincts. Yes, you knit for others and the good of your heart, but really Kepanie, this craft is your land, this craft if my land … enjoy it.


  2. I’m falling in love with your blog — seriously. Socks are my second favorite thing to knit, after mittens. Mittens capture my imagination every time and they’re what I knit the most of. You have to love those quick projects that take shape so nicely!


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