Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon: Closing Survey


I’m closing up here with the last survey of this read-a-thon:

WHICH HOUR WAS THE MOST DAUNTING FOR YOU: I would say the 17th hour. On the weekends I usually go to bed around 10. I love staying up but I’m unable to sleep in anymore. I started participating in the read-a-thon around 6 a.m. So when it got past 11 p.m., I was feeling the fatigue. I should have taken a nap during the day, but resisted.

COULD YOU LIST A FEW HIGH-INTEREST BOOKS THAT YOU THINK COULD KEEP A READER ENGAGED FOR NEXT YEAR: Well because I was a new participant this year, I didn’t have a very big stack to go through.

I say, if one enjoys young adult fiction and mythology, Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus series is fun and filled with constant action. I’m a former teacher so I do like to read kid books only if they have an element and a language that keep my interest. Along the lines of these categories, The Queen’s Thief series is another one that keeps me engaged. Megan Whalen Turner uses polished vocabulary in a creative world similar to Roman mythology. And boy does she know how to throw in the unexpected!

DO YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR HOW TO IMPROVE READ-A-THON NEXT YEAR: No. However, I personally would like to see more direct Mr. Linky lists of those participating in a challenge so I can check out ppl’s posts.

WHAT DO YOU THINK WORKED REALLY WELL IN THIS YEAR’S READ-A-THON: I think it was clever to have mini challenges from generous bloggers who took the time to create the posts and offer the prizes.

HOW MANY BOOKS DID YOU READ: Sorry, not an impressive number. I read the last 66% of a book + 1 whole book + 52% of another

WHAT WERE THE NAMES OF THE BOOKS YOU READ: The Blood of Olympus, Sugar Rush, & Bitter Greens

WHICH BOOK DID YOU ENJOY MOST: I enjoyed the first one, although I loved the first Percy Jackson series more. Bitter Greens is my favorite even though I haven’t finished it yet. This the first time I’ve tried out Kate Forsyth’s fractured fairy tale writing. I’m captivated.

WHICH DID YOU ENJOY LEAST: The romance read, the second book listed, was good but I seem to judge modern day romances harder because anything is possible for such a plot.

HOW LIKELY ARE YOU TO PARTICIPATE IN THE READ-A-THON AGAIN? WHAT ROLE WOULD YOU BE LIKELY TO TAKE NEXT TIME: Yes! I would definitely sign up for the next session in April. I would probably just be a reader since my mum duties are in full gear with the ohana home.

ADDING HERE MY OWN REFLECTION QUESTION…WHAT WOULD YOU DO DIFFERENTLY IN YOUR PARTICIPATION NEXT TIME:  I did find it a bit distracting to always wanting to be abreast of the latest Dewey post. I also personally got caught up in the fever of the mini challenges. Next time, I think I’m going to skip the mini challenges and just stick to posting in the beginning, middle, as far as I can to the end of the read-a-thon so I can consume more of the written word. At those times will I then poke around to check out others’ posts, etc. I do want to wake up by 5 a.m. next time as well and refresh myself with a nap.


7 thoughts on “Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon: Closing Survey

  1. Hooray Stefanie! It looks like you had a very successful day. I looked up Bitter Greens on Amazon and read the description and it looks like a great read-a-thon choice. I also looked at The Wild Girl and it looks good too. You might find those on my list next Spring! Did your princesses read with you too or was the draw of the neighborhood too great? 🙂
    Back to knitting for me today–have a sweater deadline quickly approaching.


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