Getting Ready

Hey y’all. TGIF!

Mine was off to a solid start. Yesterday I was running one of my routes when I decided I wasn’t go to run back the same way. Instead I went off-route. It was fun and a nice change of scenery. I also loved how I decided not to worry about distance. I just wanted to eat up pavement.

So this morning, I ran the opposite way of where I usually go. It wasn’t too bad of a route as I hit the busy civic center area. I got in 3.41 miles. My running shoes are getting trashed. I seriously need some new Asics.

I read my blogroll just about every day. I hate getting behind. So yesterday I read Kim of Page After Page’s latest post. Each year, she participates in this event:


I’ve been following her for quite some time. I have always enjoyed reading about how her and her son stay up late reading while getting their snack on. Inspired by her, I plan to participate! The princesses will join in when they can because after all, playing outside with the neighbors is a weekend priority.

So in about 75 minutes, I will head off to the library to find another book as I’m almost done with my last checkout. I plan to also download an eBook. I’m keepin’ it real of course. I’ll be reading every chance I get but I’m still a mum who has to make the meals, etc.

Will you join in with me? If you click the image in the sidebar, it will take you to the FAQ. Stay tuned for tomorrow as I hope to post at least three times to chat about my progress.

And before I log off, thank you for your congrats and impressions on the scarves. I love your openness and how you share about your similar experiences. No matter how experienced of a knitter/crocheter one is, silly mistakes or even dang froggin’ can still happen.

Until our next chat…


3 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. I’ve been trying to log my mileage in walking but recently have been thinking of starting to run again. The best shape of my life was when I ran cross-country in high school…ahh, those were the days…Love the idea of late night reading and snacking! My boys love for me to read to them each night. I like the wind down of the routine. Have fun with the girls!


  2. sounds like your runs are getting really awesome, that’s so good to hear! And that 24 readathon sounds amazing- I can’t wait until Lila is old enough fro us to do something like that, how awesome!


  3. Have so much fun with your girlies today! I am missing my Sam today. He just walked out the door to go to work–the sands of time leave me a bit melancholy at times…. post a photo of the princesses reading!


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