Hibernating WIPs see a peek of light.

(✿◠‿◠) Annyeong haseyo. What’s your hump day been like so far?

As you know, Wednesday is my volunteer day. I love spending my morning at Princess Jellybean’s school. I feel so good doctoring books or taking care of step one of processing new books for the library. And I like taking care of the mundane xeroxing, thus saving the third grade teacher precious time.

It was funny. I think the PTA President was copying off a flyer for all the teachers and so I just pulled out The Blood of Olympus to read while I waited. She told me she was almost done. I told her that it was NP because it was like waiting for the women’s restroom. The PTA Board Member agreed and responded with something like if you really need it, you’ll be patient to use it.

So I was all preparing a post for you yesterday as I was trying to start the third holiday gift, but unfortunately, I didn’t like how the fabric was coming out. It was too loose on an 11 circ. So while I have a few 10.5’s in stock, I don’t have a 16″ circular in that. I totally forgot to stop by Michael’s this morning so I’ll go after school today.

Recently, some hibernating WIP’s got to see the light of day:


Remember The Winter of the Rocky Mountain in that alpaca and merino? I dug it out Monday to bring it to aikido to work on, but then I noticed little ends peeking out in the middle of the fabric. When I investigated further, I realized the double knot join came apart.  (*´д`*) I couldn’t just tie them together again. The ends were tiny.

So what’d anal me do? I let the amphibian in. You can see the loose loops above that need to be placed upon the circ. I  probably frogged all of the second skein. *sighs* Oh well.

Despite some start and stops, I did get to work on this project:


This is Fortieth, a pashmina, infinity scarf for my BFF. The stitch pattern I’m working on is Basketweave Rib from 365 Knitting Stitches a Year, Perpetual Calendar. There are only two rows of pattern so it’s been getting knitted up at a steady pace. I say I probably knitted half of that section in an hour.

Another positive in addition to above, I won a digital copy of Louise Zass-Bangham’s Knit, Play, Colour from Julie of Knitted Bliss. If you don’t have a Ravelry account, you can see pattern highlights from Julie’s post. If you are on Rav, then here is the pattern page for Louise’s latest designs. Thank you, Julie, for this wonderful prize; I so didn’t expect to win at all. It had certainly made my day.

I’d like to throw out another kamsa hamnida for your cheers on those 2 lbs lost and for Princess Cupcake’s 11th birthday. Life is good. Our ga-jok always feels blessed to be where we are in life and for what we have. I send out a hug to each of you.

Annyeong kaseyo!


10 thoughts on “Hibernating WIPs see a peek of light.

  1. love your WIPs!! they look fantastic. And I’m almost finished my trailblazer scarf from the Knit Play Colour Collection- there are a few in there I want to knit!


  2. Love the color of Fortieth! Congrats on winning the e-book. It looks like a fantastic collection of patterns to use up all of those unusual colorful skeins of yarn in the stash.


  3. Instead of tying a knot have you ever tried a Russian join? Check it out and see if you like it better.
    I just cast on the Canyon Cowl for Miss Emerson, it’s on a size 13 needle so I am hoping to be done tomorrow 🙂


  4. Today was a long day that involved driving Husband to the city for work, going to Target and Costco, a playdate at the park for Little Man, and some knitting on socks (Snape’s Stockings and my Dragon’s Egg Socks). Woo. Oh, and then we needed to pick Husband up from the Caltrain station but there was a problem at the Burlingame station, causing delays in both directions, and then he walked to get his car (which was being fixed)…….and Stormageddon was crabby by then. ::sigh::


  5. Love the color and textures in that infinity scarf. I feel like a lot of us are having to tink, tinker and handle oddities in our knit production. Good thing we all enjoy the journey, most of the time 🙂 Happy Knitting, my friend.


  6. That infinity shawl is so pretty! I can’t tell you the amount of frogging I’ve done this week!!! And while knots bother me, weaving ends in bothers me more…oh, I do need to get on Ravelry more! I miss so much!


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