Mood & WIP’s

*boppin’ head to synth pop* I am feelin’ the runner’s high right now. I feel skinny. I feel strong. I feel energized! I put my body through its paces with the long route of 3.5 miles. Finally armed with an iPod Nano full of good music, looping around for that last half wasn’t a feeling of deflation. Instead, I was ready. My mood exemplified by Pinterest:

The one of Psy is my favorite.

While running is in the forefront, knitting is a close second:


I got a chunk of this dishcloth done at akido. The pattern tells me I’m done at 8.5″ but I think I will just use up the ball of yarn as best as I can because honestly, what the heck am I saving it for?

I am giving this second sock project higher priority though. I want to get it finished. I want it done:


The slip stitch heel flap is completed. Today I will get the heel turn knitted as that part I cannot stop and start on because I won’t know where I left off in the process.

Off to have the Harry Potter audiobook be my companion this afternoon. I’m on the last sleeve of CD’s.

What’s makin’ you feel good today?


7 thoughts on “Mood & WIP’s

  1. I bet you a penny that sock is done by now. I love how you’re energized by your runs 🙂 I get that from my walks, I feel like I did something nice for my aging body. This morning was a simple yoga routine and I’m on top of the world!!


  2. Ah yes, the awesome natural high one can get from pushing one’s body to new limits. I remember it well. 🙂 Your new sock is looking great! I love the colours.


  3. The runner’s high! I have hear about it, but have yet to experience it. I will live vicariously through you. 🙂
    So close on the socks! Bravo!


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