Sunday Brunch

Good afternoon on this lazy Sunday as our small city rises toward its mid-70’s goal.

Happy bellies are full after today’s brunch:

As our provisions have been refilled, I had promised chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for today. And with energy levels at 100%, the tween and her sister are out playing with their cul-de-sac gang, chatting away and whizzing about on their scooters and bikes.

Thank you for your recent visits and sweet comments. I love my new ‘do even after rolling out of bed. And the baby hat earned me a spontaneous hug before it was opened up and admired by the teacher. She said the colors are the theme of her daughter’s nursery and her husband is all about beanies.

Have an enjoyable Sunday.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch

  1. Chocolate and bacon, YUM!

    The cheese herb bread was easy, one pan to mix, and delicious! Will make it again soon as it is excellent with soup.


  2. Sunday brunch sounds delicious and I love the new do, it’s very you and funky. Oh my gosh how utterly adorable is that hat! I love the grey’s with the pop of pink! When I want tiny pompoms I make them on forks, it’s also a fun way to get the children making some 🙂


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