This Afternoon

In about one hour and 40 minutes this will be given:

It was damn tricky knitting seven stitches on just DPN’s. I think if I were to ever to make this design again, I would use Magic Loop when my 12″ circ was no longer usable.

For the pom pom, my smallest pom pom maker was too big so I cut a tab off of a cereal box and cut it down to 1″. About 35 wraps with Lang Yarns Merino 120 Superwash.

TGIF. Have a lovely weekend.


16 thoughts on “This Afternoon

  1. I always worry about those little pom poms because they can be pulled apart. I think I wind up opting for little balls when poms are required (for things like the bunny tail for Stormageddon’s bunny or on Little Man’s giraffe). Apparently I just can’t make them.


  2. AH!!!!!!! Pink & grey are about the best combination known to womankind ! Not just pink… but THAT pink. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the photos, I’ve saved them to my color scrapbook.
    I am blown away, I dont’ think I’ve really spent much time checking YOUR life out… and you’ve been very present on my blog. So well dang… HELLO ! πŸ™‚ xx


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