Reclaiming the Funk and a Bit of Forgotten

Ah, there you are sun. You finally are beating the clouds. It feels good to finally feel some sun that’s not over the top.

You know from the past that I’m anal about my ‘do, well, mostly since I run now and don’t care about gussying up for princess pick up. I’ve been going for the choppy bob that Lauren Conrad had but unless I dolled up, I felt my fine locks were draggin’ a bit and I just felt pedestrian. Yeah I had a bob and some great layering at the ends but I felt boring. So yesterday after my bout of volunteering, I ran off to the salon:


I made sure to have a picture for the gal to see. It felt so good to go asymmetrical again. And here you see a peep of my shaved side: IMG_20151001_134559_4 I have an undercut in back. I can’t stand the how the little hairs at my nape stick out during the growth period. I have reclaimed my funk back!

We were so busy with tying up old ends up in the city that I forgot to post this FO:

This is Coastal. It was a present for Princess Jellybean’s first grade teacher, something perfect for her when the ocean wind is up. The pattern is Structured Cowl by Purl Soho. I used a skein of Madelinetosh Vintage in Tern.

Well y’all know how awesome the yarn feels. This pattern gets two snaps up from me. I like how it slouches but still keeps the top and back of your neck covered. And that ribbed bib in front is a terrific feature as it’ll keep your décolleté  décolletage warm.

Here’s the cowl’s overall shape:

Don’t you love the simple detailing but how it looks modern and timeless?

So if you wanna knit up a cowl as a holiday gift this year, I highly recommend this pattern.

Off to put away the rest of my Costco run. TTYL.


12 thoughts on “Reclaiming the Funk and a Bit of Forgotten

  1. You know, I hacked off a bunch of my hair a couple weeks ago. I’ve got a ton of hair…it’s all thin, mostly straight hair. I’ve been so tired of it so I went in and said, “have at it” with the only stipulations that I needed to be able to pull most of it up into a ponytail. I had probably 4-5″ cut and then it was layered. I haven’t had layers since I was probably 14…..and then I just let it grow out and it’s been doing that ever since.


  2. I’m so glad I found your new blog. Miss you and I LOVE your hair. I wish I had the guts to go super short. Also my curls would probably hate me 🙂


  3. LOVE the hair cut! You look fabulous. it looks so nice and easy to keep looking good as well – very good choice.

    The cowl – WOW. That front that can be easily tucked into a jacket – no drafts! Very clever, thanks for sharing.


  4. Your new cut suits you so well!! I’ve wanted to knit this Purl Bee cowl for ages and you’ve re-inspired me. Beautiful work.


  5. I love the hair. You’re rockin’ it and I love the picture, you’re owning it through and through.

    The cowl is polished. It looks like a professional piece. Nicely done 🙂


  6. Your new do suits you. 🙂 Short hair is so much easier to upkeep when you have a sporty lifestyle as well. I do like that cowl – it’s a great idea having the longer bit in the front! You did a great job of it. I’m sure the teacher will love it!


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