Weekend Knitting

Well, that loaf officially lasted two days. The daughters liked it a lot more than the rosemary one. I’d like the to try another with cheese in it. I’ll have to put that on this weekend’s agenda. And I think I oughta give sandwich bread a go. My friend, Ellen, posted two great recipes here. When I make the Costco run, my girls get white and the husband gets whole wheat. What about you you may wonder? My honey usually shares with me but I pick from both options. So that’s four loaves right there. These loaves go fast, at least within a minimum of two weeks. Besides sammies, toast is popular in this house. Whaddyya think? Should I try to make our own sandwich bread?

Like mentioned yesterday, there was some major weekend knitting going on with these hands. With one baby hat a hit, I decided to cast on another for a childcare teacher where Princess Cupcake goes after school:

Meet “Baby Stripes,” knitted from Susan B. Anderson’s Candy Cane hat pattern. I don’t know when the teacher is due nor her baby’s gender. This is why I picked out neutrals and yay on being able to use leftover stash! The light gray is Spud & Chloe in Beluga. The darker grey is Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Marble Heather.

Yes, you see the jogless jog technique being utilized. I had to think about it when I hit the decreases yesterday. It’s a slightly tricky bit but not brain surgery. I had started this hat on size 7 DPN’s but they were too fiddly with DPN’s and the gauge was roomy. So I went down two sizes and dug out a size 5 circ, Addi Turbo 12″.

Next and last up is “Ombre Lace”:


My mum and I bought this dishcloth pamphlet years ago on Oahu from Ben Franklin. I had tried to knit some of these designs but got frustrated because I didn’t get how to knit YO’s.

Every time I wipe down the wet, bathroom counter with the cotton cloths from Cedar, the thought that we need more always passes through my mind. So armed with Michael’s coupons, I gave myself the excuse to pick up some Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream. This colourway is Faded Denim. The pattern is #11 in the pamphlet, Vertical Stripes by Sue Galucki. I laugh now because obviously YO’s are so easy to create and knit!

Okie doke. That is it for now. Gonna fit in some knitting before I have to brown the pork. TTYL!


8 thoughts on “Weekend Knitting

  1. love the baby knitting! I used to bake my own sandwich bread, if you go that route I recommend Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, it’s an awesome baking book, my absolute fave. I don’t bake as much bread as I did before my daughter came along, but I plan to get back to it when she is older!


  2. I don’t eat a lot of bread, but I do have a big weakness for sourdough, I could eat a whole loaf
    by myself 😉
    Hooray for baby knitting, I think it’s the best knitting there is.


  3. Nice jogless seam. I have a lot of respect for that. I am interested to see how the bread turns out for you. Looking at my schedule I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it 😦

    The dishcloth is lovely. My mother has asked me to knit her a few things. I should make that her Christmas present. I love any coupon for yarn and crafts! I get the Joann’s ones and my sister gets Beverley’s!


  4. Homemade sandwich bread sounds heavenly, especially toasted up & slathered with some good quality butter. Love the striped hat progress. It’s been a while since I made a dishcloth … looks like a fun relaxing project. Isn’t it funny how techniques that used to intimidate us are now so easy & intuitive? I was re-reading some old sock knitting books to refresh my skills & couldn’t believe that I was able to follow how to knit the heel turn without requiring a dose of Tylenol 🙂


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