More Bread

Ah, the finishing up of September. Where did this month go? How was your weekend?

Mine was mostly that of a couch potato. There was lots of TV, but also yarn; we’ll save that for another post. Princess Jellybean had a 24 hour fever on Friday. However, come Saturday, she bounced back after getting her “peeping booty” sleep and was able to play away the day with her sister and neighbors. I personally could feel the fatigue slowly coming down.  By yesterday, I had to treat myself to a late morning nap and boy was it worth it as it did wonders for my mental and physical well-being.

So while R&R was in effect, I was in the mood to make some more bread. The husband and I finished off the crock pot rosemary one so I tried out this recipe and got this result:


Don’t you love that bumpy crust? I used Samuel Adams Boston Lager. The inside is moist and it tastes like good, ol’ rustic bread to me. I’ve been topping these recipes with either peanut butter or Nutella. I was delighted I could fit a slice of this whole wheat beer bread into the toaster.

So that was pretty much my weekend. Thank you for your cheers on the baby bear hat in the last post. After school Friday, Princess Jellybean gave me a lovely, thank you card from the first grade teacher. My little one’s third grade teacher told her that Mrs. B was showing the hat off in the teacher’s lounge that day. Now ain’t that a compliment or what?

I hope your week has started off well this Monday. Until our next chat…I bid you adieu.


7 thoughts on “More Bread

  1. I do hope all are well in your home, fevers are no fun.
    I love naps and always try to rest for at least 20 minutes each afternoon, makes the rest of my day flow so much better.
    Oh, bread!!!


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