Couldn’t Resist

Annyeong haseyo *bows head*. How’re you today?

My metabolism is revved up after a longer run this morning. I recently had lunch with a friend who I miss seeing in the city at the princesses’ former school. She is a runner too and gave me some solid tips, like how I should change-up my route. So today I ran a slightly different way that involved a bit of downhill and incline. I can’t believe at the end when I checked my FitBit app at what my pace was. I thought I was running at the take-it-easy rate but my pace ended up much faster. I guess sleeping through the night and a fueling up beforehand with a banana and some water can do wonders.

I also want to throw out a kamsa hamnida to you for your visits of late. I had fun reading your experiences with making homemade bread and your thoughts on my last post.

With progress on my nephew’s jumper and the charity socks, I felt I needed a bit of instant gratification. Princess Jellybean’s school has a pregnant teacher who is due this December. She looks like she is handling teaching and being preggers in great stride! I remember toward the end of each pregnancy I was like get this baby out! So since I wasn’t able to knit for my girls when they were babes, I had the itch to surprise the teacher with some a baby knits.

I started on this last night after digging through my DK stash:


The yarn is Merino 120 Superwash by Lang Yarns. Because my DK yarn was properly cataloged with new photos and remnants were even weighed, I know I have 117 yards of this soft, squishy yarn which should be plenty for a newborn hat and bear ears. Yep, I’m using Baby Bear Hat by Gilda Knits again.

So since I’m using DK instead of worsted weight, I am knitting with size 7 DPN’s to get near that gauge of 5 stitches per inch. I had tried 5’s at first but it looked too small.

I am having fun whippin’ out this baby hat. It makes me smile.

What instant gratification is a must recently? What is making you smile today?


5 thoughts on “Couldn’t Resist

  1. I had only just started knitting when I was pregnant with Little Man (I’d been knitting maybe two years). So he had a lot of hats and his blanket and I think I also did some other things in there. He finally got his toy for his second birthday. ::sigh::

    With that said, I need to catalog my partial skeins….but I need to do my regular stash first.


  2. I have been out of the knitting loop for quite some time now. This winter feels like a good time to commit to some small projects again. You have inspired me many times but life fwts in the way often. Hoping to have more time to do some fun small projects very soon!


  3. I’m glad you are enjoying the running. I do it and I’m never sure just how much I like it. ha! But it is good for my brain.

    Your small knits are making me think I really need to get going on some baby knits before everyone is no longer a baby.


  4. Baby knits are such fun items to knit, they are quick and easy but are so small and so darn cute that they make you sigh every time you see them. What a wonderful gift to surprise the teacher with. Well done on the running, your amazing.


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