Project Headway

“Come little leaves,” said the Wind one day, “Come to the meadows with me and play. Put on your dresses of red and gold; for summer is past, and the days grow cold.”

~ George Cooper 

This first day of fall started off wonderfully. I began volunteering at Princess Jellybean’s school. I got to be a book doctor, bandaging little rips and securing pages to bindings. Then I saved the third grade teachers 45 minutes by doing the copying.

The thermometer may say 83°, but it’s not overly warm. The breeze is strong so wearing jeans today didn’t feel like an icky layer. Also our house inside is pleasantly cool.

 With the year progressively switching seasons, there is project headway within our crew. The husband keeps up on his classwork and did I ever mention he was invited to join an engineering honor society because of his GPA so far in his Masters online program? The tween has begun honing her sewing skills in her Project Runway, extra curricular class. The baby is learning self-defense in aikido while getting her multiplication tables down.

And moi? Well here is my progress:



What project have you made headway in?


8 thoughts on “Project Headway

  1. So many wonderful things happening for your family and I am so happy for you all. Wonderful news for your husband, that is quite an honor, congratulations. The girls are really growing fast and I love hearing about their projects.
    Your knitting is moving along quickly.
    Hey, we were cooler than you today, only 73F, not sure that happens too often, although it’s not going to last here.
    Have fun.


  2. So many fun and interesting things happening in your household! Love how your first sock turned out. I am trying to finish up my charity socks as well as some other wips before starting on some holiday presents and a sweater vest for fall.


  3. Kudos to the husband!

    Your sock looks good, like that striping. And I made that rosemary flatbread, and we liked it, but mine had a muffin top. I should have browned it in the oven, but it smelled so good when it was finished baking that I just did not want to wait until I had a piece.


  4. Sounds like everyone’s perfectly in stride! Golden days of fall!

    Lovely socks. Those stripes are every shade of fall! Based on that last picture I definitely think you need a longer heel flap and narrower foot, if not a narrower leg too! Of course it’s all about how you like’em to fit!

    Also, that’s a charming quote you led with!


  5. I’m buried girl. I’m tired. But you all seem to be keeping up with it all, so I will take that as inspiration and press on. My new hours make it harder to to volunteer for the school — though I’ll make it out to PTSA tonight. I’m trying to keep it down to 2 nights out per week without the family, though the kid doesn’t get home from practice until 7:30 twice a week … we’re all in the weeds.


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