#1 – Check!

Hi there on this 97° lazy Sunday afternoon, and oh boy, can we tell. Thank you for your lovely commentaries on the first charity sock. I can’t believe how fast I finished it after posting. And as for yesterday, I was only able to photograph the small containers of yarn. But would you believe I took 50 pictures? I still have to get through the two big bins and I bet I have a bag of yarn in my closet that needs to get cataloged as well.

So…with my schedule being less busy here, the concept of bucket lists have been swarming around in my brain for quite some time. Today, I finally started on my baking bucket list!

I have been eyeing this recipe I had pinned according to Pinterest, 30 weeks ago: Our crew loves to eat artisan bread. I drool whenever I see a blogger make it herself. My natural reaction is to just inhale, imagining the delicious smell of yeast workin’ its magic.

With a fresh package of yeast and a fragrant package of organic rosemary, I put this together late morning:

One of the main reasons why I wanted to try this recipe is because you use the crockpot. Although my dough started out round, it did morph into the shape of my 6 quart, ceramic insert:

While I was a bit disappointed in the change of shape, I was extremely happy at how the bread turned out. I didn’t have parchment paper so I just sprayed the insert with nonstick spray. The end result had a nice crust all around with a little browning from the broiler. Also, inside was fresh and soft. My crew gave their thumbs up. The husband and I dipped our pieces into EVOO mixed with a bit of balsamic vinegar. What a tasty, afternoon snack!

So have you made bread from scratch before? In the crockpot or in the oven? What kind of flour do you use? I used Trader Joe’s White Whole Wheat. Are all flours created equal? Does your loaf change shape while baking?


14 thoughts on “#1 – Check!

  1. I make rosemary bread a little to often :). My recipe makes two loaves so I do usually share one with one of my kids also. I have a Wildtree dipping oil I love or we use just plain ole evoo with ground pepper. I really do love making it!


  2. I’ve not made homemade bread in quite awhile but I’ve made Alton Brown’s pizza dough a couple times (one batch comes out to 3 pizzas). It calls for bread flour, specifically, which is what I use. I’ve not made it with wheat or all-purpose, though we have both.



  3. Oh yummy, that looks very tasty 🙂

    We make our own bread a lot using the no-knead artisan bread recipe except we cook ours in a loaf tin rather than a pot as it works better for making sandwiches


  4. It looks wonderful and I am going to try it this week as I have Rosemary growing. Am afraid my morning schedule won’t quite jive with the rising of the dough, but I will ask husband to check it. He is good that way, oil and balsamic vinegar, maybe will extra herbs for the dip….


  5. 97? I wish could bottle up my cool weather and ship it to you. My daughter in SB is finding out that it’s hot there!! but not 97 hot more like 85ish hot. Oh well. I’m sure the beach will be lovely when November rolls around, right? I haven’t made homemade bread in ages but yours looks delicious and yummy!


  6. I’m always making artisan bread but I bake it in the oven and I try and make a loaf so I can fit it in my toaster. I’ve not seen any recipes for the crock pot. I need to look for that as it looks delicious! Way to go! I have fresh rosemary too. I need to get out of my bread rut! LOL!


  7. ooh, that looks SO good! I haven’t tried making bread in a crockpot before (although I do love my crockpot), this is a great idea. I used to (before kids) bake my own bread, all old school in the oven with a loaf pan, and loved it. One day, I’ll get back to that!


  8. I have been baking bread for more years than I care to mention. I learned from my mother, who learned from hers, who presumably learned from hers. I still love the old way of making a sponge, letting it rise, then adding flour and kneading the dough to fragrant satiny smoothness.
    Yeast doughs have always fascinated me. My one great experiment was making yeast from grapes. This involved putting grapes into a cloth bag and having a small grandson beat them to a pulp. He quite enjoyed this. Then the bag was submerged in a slurry of flour and water and allowed to stand for about a week. It was an interesting experience, and the resulting yeast made a lovely dense bread, with a faint hint of grape to it. I used olive oil in the dough.


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