Whip into Shape

My studio today:


I have so much yarn that hasn’t been logged into my Ravelry stash. Plus, some of the photos I had taken in the past at the apartment have awful light. So I’m taking today’s 85° Saturday afternoon to whip it all into shape.

What are you doing today?


6 thoughts on “Whip into Shape

  1. Today, as it’s rather warm outside……we’re inside, the little air conditioners are running, we’ve been to the grocery store and Costco, Husband is playing video games, Little Man is in the backyard with the dog, I’m getting caught up on blogs and Ravelry, and Stormageddon is playing with whatever he can find (balls, books, super heroes, etc.). Lazy Saturday 🙂

    Someday, I want to go through my stash and take better photos. Or photos in general. And organize. My stash is out of hand, though.


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