A Bit Every Day

Hi there. Thank you very much for your sweet concern yesterday. I took a break today and feel better.

I took a lovely trip further down south to visit a nearby LYS! I have yarny and knit-a-licious goodies to show you but I’m currently researching how to put together a different sort of presentation for you so I’ll hold off until then.

In the meantime, I Wrap You Up with Love has its body complete:

Man, do I love how this Madelinetosh shows stitch definition. I do not get tired of feeling its weight. I also love how knitting the twisted stitch for the ribbing areas really pop. It goes well with the garter stitch panel on the sleeves.

Okie doke. That’s my short post for today. I need to get ready for princess pick up.

Until our next chat…


13 thoughts on “A Bit Every Day

  1. What a beautiful little sweater! And I agree, the stitch definition is fantastic. May have to find a project for some Madelinetosh so I can justify ordering some… 😉


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