Keiki Kawaii

Aloha. Mahalo for all of your recent visits of cheer, support, and drool. I had fun reading about what you eat for breakfast or how you get your heart pumping. I usually eat a mix of frosted, shredded wheat and multigrain cheerios for breakfast. On the weekends, I try to cook the ohana a solid breakfast.

Well, how has your week been going?

Me? Monday I drove up to the city to knit with my old, knitting group. Can I tell you how good it felt to connect with them again? Those ladies have always been so nice and supportive. I got to meet two new members too. I’m going to try to meet up with them once a month.

Also, I didn’t go back to this month’s beginning distance. I’ve been running 3.5 miles. My body isn’t used to it so my legs are sore and I’m pooped. I ran faster today which wasn’t smart since I got tired sooner and had to walk a smidge here and there which made me feel disappointment. I need to pace myself better so I can keep it real.

However that, I had fun picking up Princess Jellybean’s Book Fair wish list because I had a lovely chat with the school librarian who gave me the lowdown on the school. I am happy to report that the staff and principal got glowing remarks. This made me feel like my baby getting overloaded to another school was meant to be.

Speaking of my keiki, we had run out of bread so I made onigiri for the girls last night. My mum recently gave us a jar of furikake to replenish our supply.

IMG_4416She also brought back for them from the islands another set of onigiri containers. I had found a set at Daiso before the summer.


Aren’t they kawaii and handy?

So each keiki got two onigiri in containers that should have certainly caught eyes at lunch today.

Have a good hump day. TTYL.


9 thoughts on “Keiki Kawaii

  1. I have the rice for onigiri — since back to school. i WILL make some for next week I promise! Always a crowd pleaser, right? Lately it has been open faced tartines and sugar plums , edamame or the last of the season’s tomatoes… the weather was cold enough today for a thermos bowl of soup. Still can’t get very creative for breakfast. Sometimes I heat some cocktail sausages in the convection oven either for Bento or breakfast or both 🙂

    I’m glad you got to see your gang. It’s good to have a supportive knitting lot at your back. I’m there too 🙂


  2. Please don’t over do with the running, you need to take care of your body. I use to run, but now I walk, it’s just better for me at this stage.
    I’m glad you had some time with your knitting group, it really is fun to knit with a group.
    Oh, and the girl’s lunches look really good.


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