As defined by “the act or process, or a manner of growing; development; gradual increase.”

I was totally jazzed this morning as I decided to push myself in today’s run after being inspired by Princess Cupcake’s former third grade teacher who usually runs a few miles. The past two venues I’ve run at only get me so far so I decided to hit the local, busy street.

My FitBit stats:

run stats 1

run stats2

What started me running in the first place was that I wanted to run with the tween in her next 5K. I figured my goal is a minimum of 3.25 miles. I’ve been running 2.25 – 2.5 miles since this month started.

Today was a surprise at my endurance. I purposely mapped out 1.5 miles away so I’d get 3 miles by the time I get back. I started running from our house which tacked on the extra.

My legs will be sore tonight but it’ll be well worth it! I love how running has changed my body and how it makes me feel healthy and strong. Last month I found out I lost 5 lbs. this summer. I finally feel like an athlete as I was always shy to get into sports as a child. I guess after trying this distance out I can’t go back?


During this hot spell, I’ve just been focusing on charity sock #1.

2 x 2 Ribbing: 8 rounds

Leg: 64 rounds to reach 6.5″

Heel flap – check!

The heel turn was knitted yesterday in one session because I knew I would forget which side I was supposed to work on if I put the project down. I watched a YouTube video to refresh my memory about where to start with the gusset, but silly me should have read the directions first as Ann Budd had it all laid out.

So the gusset was completed as well and now I’m working on the decreasing before I start the foot rounds.

Where have you had some growth – personal or professional – recently? And what are your plans this weekend?



8 thoughts on “Growth

  1. I’ve been walking 2 miles a day, in roughly 1/2 mile spurts…….pushing the stroller……as we take Little Man to and from school. So, it’s about 1/2 mile each way and I have to do it twice a day. It’s not much but it’s something. And, of course, it depends on the weather and if we have other places to be. Yesterday, for example, we took the car because baby had his doctor appointment right away at 9am (school starts at 8:30 and then we had to drive across town, find parking, and make our way to the office).

    Otherwise, it’s the elliptical at the gym…..except my membership expired. So, I need to renew that 🙂


  2. Way to go you!! Nope you can’t go back now but now you also know you can do it! Love the socks and I tend to also turn the heel in one sitting otherwise I get distracted and never know just where I am. I’m trying to get my head back round to getting into some fitness, I’ve found after my whole ankle/leg injury fiasco this time last year that I have been wary about getting back doing something, physically I’m able, my physio has done great work with me but I find myself mentally wondering about whether the ankle will hold up or if of course I’ll do something silly again and turn or fall on it and then what but walking should be fine, after all what could I do just doing that!


  3. Great job on the running! And love the autumn colors of your sock in progress.
    I have been setting aside time on my days off to hike the trails for exercise. I used to run quite a bit until my knees gave out on me. Really miss it.


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