I Run, I Spy

Annyeong haseyo. Are you keeping cool?

We have been having a heatwave of days over 90°. It is brutal. And no, our home doesn’t have air conditioning. My husband was trying to pick up a swamp cooler; he went to Home Depot and Walmart yesterday. And guess what? They’re only selling heaters now. *smh*

So I didn’t close the windows until it was time to leave for school this morning to let in as much cool, morning air as possible. All blinds are down as well until the late afternoon when the breeze kicks up more.

Since it’s been hot, I’ve been running right after I get home from the drop offs. It’s already 75° by 9 a.m. It’s now 80° and it’s only 10:20 a.m.

All summer up til now I run, I spy lovely evidence of nature:

I am always amazed at seeing hibiscuses growing in the Bay Area as I’ve always associated it with the Hawaiian Islands. When we landscape (one day) I want this!

Okay readers, those of you who know your floriculture and arboriculture, I need your help. Do you know what kind of tree this is? It drops what looks like to me, balls of spurs on the ground:

And what about this one?

In the first picture on the left, that is what I had stepped on and rolled my foot. I tried Googling these trees via images but no luck. I appreciate your knowledge.

One plant I’ve noticed that is popular in our hood is rose bushes:


The beauty in the varieties of color never escapes my notice while I zig zag in and out of cul-de-sacs. I love how they flourish well in our town.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot this summer that we have roses in the front and back. Ever since we’ve been letting the grass go brown, all landscaping went south as well. I may try to revive the roses. I’ll be reading up on that today on Pinterest.

Stay hydrated. You’re supposed to drink at least half of your body weight.

Annyeong kaseyo.


9 thoughts on “I Run, I Spy

  1. The spiny balls are sweet gum balls from, well, sweet gum trees. We had one in our backyard when I was a kid so I am very familiar! At our house in Maryland we have both some volunteer hibiscus and some that I planted. They aren’t the huge bright kind you’d find on a tropical island but they’re still really pretty!


  2. I know nothing about trees except for the most obvious but the thing you stepped on kind of looks like the thing that falls off one of our trees that is a poplar. See how knowledgeable I am! That sounds just impossibly hot. We had our air condition go last summer and it was pretty awful but I can’t imagine living like that. Hopefully the heat wave breaks soon!


  3. I see a great soul answered your question, yes a sweet gum tree, we have quite a few on our land. I loved playing with the balls as a kid, they are fun to turn into little monsters and such. I have also seen them dressed up for Christmas decorations, they are a big thing in the south.

    Roses love bone meal and fish emulsion, makes them really grow.

    I hope you stay cool, you are hotter than I am,


  4. The second one is a magnolia of some sort. We have one on the north side of our house. Just a warning, the leaves are HUGE and get stuck in gutters and the seed pods are……well, you’ve seen them. I thought it was a dead bird the first time I saw it in our yard. I’m used to seeing them now, though.


  5. I don’t know much about plants so sadly cannot really help. It is getting much cooler here, which is great for knitting! I am now so motivated to get on with it – but I do love heat too… Lovely flowers!


  6. Oh I love Hibiscus. I think it’s too cold for them where we are, though I have seen them grow in the south of England (Cornwall / Devon) occasionally.

    We are having some good weather too right now, though heat wave would be exaggerating a bit! 😉

    Hope you are keeping cool, and enjoy the last of the summer days! xx


  7. I learned of a new tree! I have ac and I wish I could bottle up my cool air and send it off to you. My daughter lives in Santa Barbara and she has no heating or cooling and well it’s been a tad too hot for her likings.


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