I could eat this every night.

Before I make you salivate, I just wanted to express how thrilled I was to read how some of you are inspired to help out Tracey, how some of you will spread the word, and/or are encouraged to donate socks to a local charity near you. I am excited to see what funky sock yarn you dig out from your stash and what you will make of it.

Also, kamsa hamnida for your smiles on yesterday’s post. I’m sure you noticed the multiples for each princess. Princess Cupcake received the right side, Carter’s lovey from one of my BFFs. My mum kept telling me to buy another as the first will go through many washings and end up falling apart. I didn’t listen until it was too late, learning that Carter’s changes designs every six months. So I had to look on eBay. Number two came from southern California for double the price. I would hide one and let her sleep with the other, switching them when one had to be washed. But after a while, little Cupcake discovered she actually had two and insisted upon sleeping with both.

The quintet is Princess Jellybean’s. When she was around one, she got the first one one Christmas from one of my mum’s high school friends. She latched onto him. The husband told me I needed to get more so I bought one more at Brookstone. He felt it wasn’t enough so we took a special trip back to the store and E asked the salesman how many did they have in stock. The guy went into the back and came out with three which were then immediately snapped up. Jellybean, seeing older sister always had two out, was adamant that she be able to have two teddies every time. So to this day, two teddies are out and about with their mama.

BTW, did you eat already? I can eat this meal every day for dinner:


I don’t know why but I’ve been craving bibimbap lately. I feel like it’s such a healthy meal. Costco proportions are perfect for having this on the menu a couple of nights.

It has thankfully gotten a lot easier to prep now that Princess Cupcake has been helping me cook. She preps the organic mushrooms with a utility knife.

I have been buying USDA steak. I wrap up each one individually. Either the night before or the day of, I let a steak thaw for two hours and then I slice up the meat thinly and marinate it in a bowl of soy sauce, brown sugar, sesame oil, and pepper. I didn’t want to buy a 10 lb. bag of whole, organic carrots so I bought the 5 lb. bag of organic baby carrots! They are so much easier to prep as I don’t have to peel them, just slice them up. This time I remembered the fried eggs.

After assembly:


The husband’s portion. He patiently waited til I was satisfied with a few shots and then he whisked it away to gobble it down.

So what meal can you eat consecutively night after night?


6 thoughts on “I could eat this every night.

  1. On weeknights Gavin does the cooking, so I eat what’s put in front of me. Usually pizza, or BBQ, or zucchini noodles, or panini, or beans and rice.

    If it were left up to me I could eat pasta every night! But maybe I just crave that because Gavin doesn’t care for pasta or tomato sauces so we never have it?


  2. I am beyond thrilled with the response, I knew bloggers/knitters are amazing and I was right!

    My family loves bibimbap for dinner and it’s so easy.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Bibimbap is one of my all time favourite dishes, and quite a nostalgic one too, because my mum always used to make it. After she passed away my dad and I went to Korea once to see her family there, and we came back weighed down by those heavy stone bowls that it is traditionally served in. Apparently you heat the bowls in the oven and then put all the food in and crack a raw egg over the top. Because of the heat of the stone the egg fries in the bowl. I’ve never tried this though, because I was already living in the UK then and the bowls still languish in the back of the cupboard in my dad’s house. I’ve been meaning to bring them over but they are so heavy!! 😉


  4. That whole plate looks YUM! My weekly go-to dish lately is different variations of baked chicken. I just change out the sauce and herbs … honey mustard with rosemary, lemon garlic & thyme, teriyaki, bbq.


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