The Power of You

Hi there. I want to thank you for leaving your personal impressions on my kitchen rack post. Your sunshine made my heart warm. I am glad I finally got that thing wiped down and filled up. That was a few boxes of unpacked items taken care of.

Also, mahalo plenty for your supporting hugs on the school assignments post. I am such a stickler for being on time so imagining how it’d be running around before I have hands on experience is stressful. The dames are enrolled in childcare for a bit after school. It was our only option. Princess Cupcake has to go for a bit in the morning as well since traffic is heavier after 8 a.m. My sanity is in tack. While I am used to picking up my girls in person and connecting with their teachers, I am a bit bummed this has changed but I am glad my daughters have a chance to socialize with others at the programs.

Today after my morning run I caught up on my Bloglovin’ feed. Tracey of Clover’s latest post spoke out to me. I learned sock donations are sparse in the homeless shelters. I was surprised at that but can see how that particular item could be overlooked. I have been itching to have another go at socks since my last project was frogged. I drool every time seeing the many sock projects you have been knitting. So Tracey’s call for help is my excuse to cast on another project.


I do feel a bit guilty as three or four WIPs have been languishing away in their bags. However, I’m happy to be getting a fix to this itch and it feels good that I have this opportunity to do something selfless.

You know it is through the power of you that we crafters are motivated and inspired to try new things such as blogging or new techniques. It is also through the power of you that we represent in impressive numbers to charity organizations around the world. Will you answer Tracey’s call?


7 thoughts on “The Power of You

  1. Can’t wait to see the patterns you pick. I’m planning to work through a bunch of different vanilla sock patterns. For the Warm Hands Network, they want socks that are adult sized for largish feet and thick with no holes. On Ravelry the Sock Knitters Anonymous Group has a bundle of patterns that are Simple Textured Qualifying Socks and another bundle of Non-Qualifying Socks – and there are lots of patterns to choose from there!


  2. Oh, thank you my dear, I am happy to give you an excuse to cast on another project 😉
    I was surprised to learn about the shortage of socks for the homeless too, and when
    I did hear of it I just knew it was a call so many knitter’s could answer. Thank you from the
    bottom of my heart.


  3. I’m so glad you solved the school problem even though it’s not entirely ideal being less stressed and panicked is always better. I never would’ve thought of socks for homeless shelters but I can definitely see that being an issue. We always donate clothes but socks have never crossed my mind. I’ll definitely have to fix that!
    – As for your comment on my blog about Sabrina Jeffries’ books. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Hellions of Halstead Hall series! I can see not finishing her early book. Romance doesn’t age well. I try to avoid any book written prior to the late 90s.


  4. I have always donated clothes and handknitted hats, but never socks. Thank you to both you and Tracey for highlighting this need. What better cause to dig out those self-striping sock yarn that I’ve been hoarding? I also meet up with a great bunch of knitters every week, many of whom can whip out vanilla socks like nobody’s business. Will pass the word out.


  5. I’m so glad that a workable solution has been found for you all. Catching up with my bloglovin posts this week as it’s been hectic with back to schools and we need to find our grooves in the new routine. That is a really pretty sock yarn and I’m looking forward to seeing the socks you knit with it. I’ve not tried any Knit Picks yarn for socks and I do believe it’s available on this side of the pond now. Must give it a go.


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